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Dining room painted in a deep green hue.

Thinking of redecorating your dining room? If you’re struggling to single out the right palette for space, green paint colours are definitely something you should consider. The colour green is beloved by interior designers, with stunning hues inspired by the natural world bringing an unmatched sense of serenity to any interior. 

If you’ve already experienced the calm-inducing vibes of a green living room, you’ll know what to expect when you coat your dining room walls in a stylish sage, zesty lime or elegant emerald. However, there’s a lot of variety within this paint colour family. 

Whether you’re looking to rein things in and create a muted space for relaxing dinners, or want to energise an unloved room with a more daring hue, you’re bound to find a shade of green that’s perfect for the job. 

Looking for green dining room ideas to inspire you and learn more about our extensive selection of glorious green paint colours? We’ve got you covered. 

Do you like the idea of a nautical-inspired dining room? Many people reach for blue tones, but green paint schemes can work remarkably well as part of a coastal aesthetic. For the perfect seaside-inspired shade, there’s Tidal Foam. 

This neutral take on turquoise green is light and undemanding, making for a beautiful backdrop for any dining room. It’s a tad paler than some of our other greens, but it still brings those calm-inducing benefits that are a hallmark of this classic colour family.

If you’re searching for a low-key green to transform your dining space, consider a crystallised glass green like Morning Rush. This pale green shade should suit those who prefer a more subtle approach to interior design and is a great alternative to traditional pastels. 

It’s an ideal choice for refreshing your dining room decor, with those muted tones working beautifully alongside a wooden dining table and natural materials. Prefer a more modern interior? This pared-back green makes a stunning backdrop for contemporary dining sets and abstract artworks.

If you prefer the aesthetics of a traditional dining room, it’s best to stick with a more conventional green shade. A crisp clover like Green Whisper will work nicely in these kinds of spaces, providing you with a beautiful blank canvas you can really put your stamp on.

Although this paint colour is fresh and uplifting, it’s still delicate enough that you can use it on every wall in the smallest of dining areas. If you’re torn between green and blue, this understated option will give you a versatile backdrop that can be readily refined with other shades and decor accents. 

Looking to make a statement with your next dining room colour? With Parakeet Pete, you have a dynamic green shade that will get everybody talking. This airy take on emerald will transform any dining room, while a hint of blue brings out the calming qualities of both colour families. 

This paint colour is subtle enough that you can use it in tiny dining spaces, but you might want to bring in additional hues in a larger room. You can use either blue or green as your starting point when selecting complementary colours for your tonal decor scheme. 

Has it been years since your dining room has been treated to a transformation? Use a refined aqua-green hue like Spruce Shade to show your space the love it deserves. A couple of coats of this and you're well on your way to the dining room of your dreams. 

You can use this enchanting green alongside other botanical shades like sage greens and moss, or take your inspiration from its blue undertones and pair it with icy tones. Even a hint of grey-green or charcoal will work wonderfully alongside this glorious green. 

If you’re searching for a more familiar green to coat every wall of your dining room, you may want to have a second look at Silver Laurel. This shaded billiard green paint colour has a gorgeous azure tint, while a touch of silver makes it a refined addition to any room palette. 

Although it’s hardly lacking in green pigment, this paint colour doesn’t feel overwhelming. This makes it an ideal choice for a small dining room, especially if access to natural light is a real concern. 

Take a more daring approach when you next decorate your dining room with a verdant green like Pine Ridge. Bold and beautiful, this green has a hint of teal, making it another irresistible colour choice that will elevate your dining space. 

If you’re using this as the signature colour for your dining room, add a final flourish with an earthy colour or a grey-infused neutral. Alternatively, work in other notes of green with splashes of citrus or a touch of intense teal. 

It’s easy to make a statement with the right shade of green at your disposal. Emerald Pool is as enchanting as the name suggests, with a dark green intensity that will turn a tired dining room into an elegant space for entertaining. 

Although this emerald green shade works well on its own, adding a few accent colours into the mix is always a good idea. Neutrals work particularly well with a green like this, while there’s always faithful beige. Alternatively, take a more dramatic approach to interior design and pair those green rooms with an intense shades of pink paint or glimmering ruby red. 

Are you keen on the idea of an emerald dining room, but don’t want to overwhelm your interior? A smoky shade like Steel Green is a gorgeous choice, offering the perfect combination of aqua-green and understated blue. 

As it’s more subdued than some of our other emerald paint colours, it’s ideal for creating more laid-back dining spaces. You can use it alongside other green hues if you want to take the tonal route, with zesty lemon colours like lime working particularly well. When it comes to the finishing touches, research for organic materials and dark wood.

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