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Gold paint

Metallic paints play with light since they offer a reflective surface on walls and other areas of the home.

Our range of metal colours is perfect for any interior décor project because these paints have been developed for all types of settings. Before you order a paint colour from our metallic range, it would be a good idea to filter your search according to the features, finish, shade and effect you want to achieve from the paint products you will use.

All Metallic Paint Colours

Every sort of metallic paint on offer within Johnstone's extensive collection will afford a reflective effect, important to know when you apply a coat of metal paint to your surfaces. In other words, these paint shades look genuinely metallic and can even look like true metals when painted on wood and other non-metallic materials. If you like the idea of metal finishes in your home, then read on to find out which paints will be the most suitable for the effect you want to achieve.

Our Favourite Metallic Paint Colours of 2024

Champagne Gold

Champagne Gold is a mid greige with a metallic finish


Silver is a mid grey with a metallic finish


Gold is a mid warm gold with a metallic finish

Every metal paint colour has something to recommend it. In our collection, three on-trend colours stand out in particular. Champagne Gold is just such an example of a strong metal shade from the range. Available in a 1.25-litre size, this paint colour would suit any room. Apply it in a bedroom for a cool feature wall or use it in your home's bathrooms for a shiny finish that will delight you.

Silver and Gold are both colour combinations that are worth mentioning from our collection, too. These metals are classic options. Suitable for wood, metal, ceiling and wall applications, Silver is also available for orders of anti-bacterial paint, so it will suit kitchens. For an all-time classic, Gold offers a lustrous effect inside and out. Like metals for wood care projects? If so, you can paint Gold onto your fence or shed for a superbly metallic finish.

As mentioned, Gold is a wood care paint but it is also a colour that is equally at home inside. It is one of our revive metallic paints, good for refreshing a surface or updating a home décor look. It is just as good as a feature wall paint, too, so it offers great versatility.

Use our Silver metal colour paint to revive the look of an entire room or just to brighten trim with a sparkly effect. Available as a quick-drying gloss or a quick-drying satin, any application of this paint will have a fresh, aluminium-like quality.

Rose Gold is one of our paints that affords instant appeal. It is among the more inviting colours to choose from the various metals in the collection. This one is ideal for feature walls and looks great set against a white trim finish.

Another product from the collection that serves well for feature walls, Copper is suited to sumptuous bathrooms and en-suites with exposed plumbing and copper fixtures. Paints like Copper can truly change the character of a room, ideal for updating a reception space or a kitchen which already has copper work surfaces, for example.

Where Does Metallic Paint Work Best?

Metallic paints are best applied sparingly inside or they might look too overbearing. Start with a feature wall or ceiling to see how you get on with the more reflective nature of metals before going further. Consider keeping wood trim like skirting boards white but if you like the look, then choose a metallic wood paint like Silver that you can use on wood and other materials to coordinate your chosen look.

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