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dining room with a vibrant terracotta wall

With its Mediterranean vibes and earthy tones, terracotta is one of the best colours around if you’re looking to add warmth and intensity to your interiors. This stunning colour evokes the feeling of terracotta pots, exotic earthenware and tiles baked under the sun. 

However, terracotta is far from being a singular colour. There’s a staggering amount of variety here. Terracotta orange and Tuscan red shades are ideal if you’re looking to spark joy and bring boundless energy to a space. 

Meanwhile, a wall painted with a more muted shade can provide comfort. This makes faded terracotta an excellent choice for living rooms and spaces where you can relax at the end of the day. 

You aren’t short on coordinating colours either. If you’re looking to capture a rustic aesthetic, pair deep terracotta red with other shades with brown and reddish undertones. Just about any earthy shade will work well alongside terracotta, while a pale hue like sage green will always make a welcome addition.

Our Four Favourite Terracotta Paint Colours

Thinking of using terracotta to bring some Mediterranean charm to your interiors. Below are some of the finest terracotta shades in Johnstone’s range. 

Here we have a quintessential take on this fired clay shade. Terracotta is bright and peachy, with plenty of orange coral character. Although it’s a traditional choice, it’s incredibly rich and intense, making it perfect if you’re eager to inject warmth into a living room or dining space. 

This timeless character works well with warm-toned furniture and solid woods, as well as rustic accessories. However, it will also work beautifully with more minimalist decors, including staple monochromes like crisp white and classic black.

Here’s a warmer take on terracotta. Maple Hazle is ideal if you’re looking for a more restrained version of the brownish-red staple. Nonetheless, it’s still an ideal pick if you’re keen to turn a sterile room into a more welcoming space. 

Great for bedrooms and living rooms, it can also be used to make a dining area feel more intimate. Pair it with richer terracotta or spiced pumpkin hues for a quick and easy colour combination. Earthy shades like mahogany brown will also work well.

This doesn’t look like your typical terracotta, but it’s a left-field take on this elegant colour family. Antique Terracotta is a subdued merlot pink, underscored with an okay tint.

Worth considering if you’re someone with a penchant for dusky colour palettes, this unconventional terracotta works well when paired with lilac or magenta tones. For a more contemporary colour scheme, use silvery shades and light grey colours.

Fiery hues don’t appeal to everyone. If you prefer a more subdued palette, something like Bleached Terracotta might be a better fit. This subdued sandy orange is still warm and welcoming, but it’s light enough that it can be adapted to more discerning tastes. 

If you love a sultry colour palette, this pale terracotta will go down well. Pair it with autumnal shades for an ageless interior that you can refine over time. A hint of dusty pink or lilac-infused neutral are also good choices if you’re searching for complementary colours.

Where Do Terracotta Shades Work Best?

If you’re a big fan of terracotta, feel free to use this timeless shade anywhere. However, it does work better in certain spaces than others. 

Are you looking to decorate a north-facing room that receives very little sunlight during the day? A rich terracotta will make a welcome addition to your room palettes. The natural intensity of terracotta shades adds warmth to even the dreariest of rooms. 

While terracotta shades are a good shout for compensating for a lack of sunlight, their aesthetics can benefit just about any room. In kitchens, they create a fiery energy that’s a fine fit for cooking spaces. In dining rooms, earthy shades create a sense of intimacy, setting the mood for intimate dinners and nights when you’re entertaining friends. 

Terracotta is also a terrific idea for a living space that you tend to use later in the day. Once the curtains have been drawn and those table lamps have been switched on, it’s time for the warming qualities of terracotta to shine.

Terracotta Colour Schemes

If you’re keen to incorporate an extra shade or two into a terracotta-infused space, read on for some stellar colour scheme suggestions. 

Warm Terracotta, Sea Green and Pure White


Terracotta is a mid, bright, peachy, orange coral

In The Cloud

Celestial warm seashell white

Spruce Shade

Everlasting aqua-green with blue dashes

If you like the idea of the above colour scheme, but want shades with more complexity, you’re in luck. Terracotta is a more refined choice, with brighter undertones and uplifting coral notes. As this paint colour is more of an obvious orange, you can be more daring when choosing complementary colours. 

Rather than use a pure white, go for something like In The Cloud instead. This seashell white shade is clean and refreshing, but it’s a warmer take on a neutral classic. 

You can stop there, or bring in another dramatic colour to balance things out. Aqua-greens will always work beautifully alongside fiery terracotta. Spruce Shade is rich and sophisticated, but it won’t compete for attention, no matter how much you’re using.

Light Terracotta, Pale Grey and Jade

Bleached Terracotta

Light subdued cosmetic sandy orange

Bleached Terracotta

Light subdued cosmetic sandy orange

Crystal Ball

Mysterious dark greyish jade aqua-green

If a traditional terracotta colour scheme doesn’t appeal, there are many alternative shades in our range for you to think about. Bleached Terracotta is a more subdued take, with this sandy orange a stylish compromise if you prefer blush hues and dusty pinks. 

Rather than use a crisp white, go for a pale grey like New Chalk instead. While you can use this colour to paint room mouldings, it’s complex enough that it can be used to paint larger elements like doors and recesses. 

Before you start reaching for a brush or roller, consider working in some green. Crystal Ball might seem like a brave choice, but this grey-tinged shade is the perfect companion to Bleached Terracotta and the veiled white of New Chalk.

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