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Our Woodcare products are designed to provide wood stain colours and paint with built-in weathering elements for long-lasting protection.

If you want to enhance and protect your exterior wood, then our wood effect products are suited to all types of wooden surfaces from decking to sheds and from fences to waterboarding. Ideal for wooden windows, too, you can use our durable wood stain and paint products to give extra protection to door frames, exterior furniture and much more besides. Our stains come in light and dark hues, helping to bring out the natural wood grain while offering a rejuvenated appearance.

If you are looking for a wood stain colour that will suit your garden furniture or that protects while adding beauty to a wooden surface, then Johnstone's range of wood stain products will be sure to hit the mark. With a coat of one of our wood stains covering your exterior wood, you can achieve some remarkable results not just on doors but on a range of different surfaces in the garden including decking, fences, trellises and much more besides.

Our wood stain penetrates deeply so it protects exterior wood for a long time after an application. Whether you want a quick-drying, a solvent-based or a water-based wood stain, you are bound to find what you're looking for from within our range. Equally, our paint products can be used to cover the frames of doors and windows to add vibrancy and colour around the home.

Read on to discover more about how our wood paints and wood stain products have been developed and why they're so suitable when exposed to UV light and other elements for prolonged periods outside.

Our Favourite Wood Effect Colours of 2024

Golden Chestnut

Golden Chestnut is a dark, rusty, copper brown

Dark Rosewood

Dark Rosewood is a dark, espresso, mahogony brown

Available to purchase at affordable prices, our on-trend wood effect colour combinations will look great on any grain. A good case in point is Golden Chestnut, ideal for sheds and rough fences. It is ready to go in a large 5-litre container for most outdoor jobs. Equally as attractive is our Dark Rosewood woodcare product. It offers mixed uses and can be applied to indoor furniture made from wood as well as functioning well as an exterior wood stain.

Wood Stain Colours

If you want your wooden surfaces to retain a natural look when they have had a stain application, then our products will provide you with a range of options. Both solvent-based and water-based stains are on offer that will mature after an application to look more and more natural as they're exposed to sunlight.

Choose a product because it already matches your wooden surfaces or opt for something new so the wood you stain with it will match the rest of your design aesthetic. Either way, you'll help to protect your woodwork with durable products that are designed to last.

Oak Wood Stain Colours

Natural Oak

Natural Oak is a mid ochre brown

Dark Oak

Dark Oak is a dark, walnut, espresso brown

Ideal for decking and furniture that's made from wood, Natural Oak has a naturalistic colour that can be utilised inside and out. Another strong wood stain for numerous surfaces is our Dark Oak wood stain. This colour is fuller and will suit fences and sheds in equal measure.

Cedar Wood Stain Colours

County Cedar

Red Cedar

Red Cedar is a mid, warm, sienna brown

Country Cedar is a strong wood stain product that protects and has a reddish brown tone. It is suited to many garden applications. With a ruddier tonality, Red Cedar is one of those wood stains that has a diverse appeal and will look good on any wood.

Teak Wood Stain Colours

Warm Teak


Teak is a dark, earthy, sienna brown

Offering a mahogany-like appearance, Warm Teak has a superb colour for decking and outbuildings made of wood. With a satin-sheen finish, Teak is part of the range that is suited as an indoor wood stain and varnish.

Walnut Wood Stain Colours

Country Walnut

Country Walnut is a dark walnut brown

A coat of Country Walnut will look great on many different surfaces, forming a durable stain that will stand the test of time without peeling even when it is exposed to UV light frequently. This wood stain is part of our indoor woodcare range and also our outdoor wood stain range so it is highly versatile.

Wood Paint Colours

Unlike our stains, our wood paint colours quite deliberately provide a much less natural appearance. Use these products to enhance the look of your exterior woodwork in a subtle way that will only get better over time. Designed to be appealing when weathering in, our Woodcare Garden Colours range provides an extensive array of tones and shades to fit in with any setting.


Night Shore

Night Shore is a dark pigeon grey with a touch of violet

Steel Smoke

Steel Smoke is a dark cool grey with a hint of blue

Grey is an ideal colour for wooden surfaces in the garden because it fades into the background and allows plant colours to shine through. Night Shore is a neutral, mid-grey that's ideal for applying to wood grain. Meanwhile, Steel Smoke offers matt, silk and soft-sheen finishes with a colour that is slightly darker in tone. Choose it for exposed beams when you want a uniform look because this paint is also suited to wall and ceiling applications.


Spring Rosemary

Spring Rosemary is a mid, dusty, aqua green

Botanical Retreat

Botanical Retreat is a mid dusty aqua

Offering protection from the elements, Spring Rosemary is a delightful grey-green that will suit most garden outbuildings but could work just as well with window frames and even garage doors. Without cracking under exposure to direct sunlight, Botanical Retreat is a slightly darker woodcare paint that will help to protect pine and other woods that are commonly used outdoors, such as larch.

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