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Pink wall paint makes any room look fresh and uncomplicated.

Pink paint comes in many hues from darker shades to more delicate rose-coloured tones so there is something for everyone.

From soft pink ceiling paint that offers calming subtle to vibrant pinks that create a contrast with yellow, green or even brown furnishings, our range of pink paint can be deployed in many exciting ways. Whether you want a pink door, pink trim or pink wall paint, there will be a suitable shade.

All Pink Paint Colours

When you pick pink paint for your home, you will create a clear statement even if you deploy it subtly. Like purple or red, pink is always noticeable when it is on view. Before you head to the checkout with pink paint in your basket, consider a tester first. After all, a few tester pots will allow you to see the effect on your walls before you commit to the exact shade you will ultimately buy.

Find out why pink isn't only considered a good choice for nurseries and children's bedrooms any longer but is also a natural paint to choose for kitchens, bathrooms and reception rooms nowadays. After all, pinks are increasingly on-trend for modern living spaces in the home. How should you incorporate it into your interior design plans?

Pink interior walls create a warm ambience.

Our Favourite Pink Paint Colours of 2024

Ballet Slipper

Ballet Slipper is a mid, dusty, mauve pink


Rosebud is a light baby pink

Pink Starburst

Pink Starburst is a mid, dusty, cherry blossom pink

Sonia Rose

Bright salmon-pink orange with brick tint

Before we discover more about the various shades of pink within the brand range, it will be worth examining some of the trendiest pinks at the moment. Among them is the sumptuous Ballet Slipper which comes in soft sheen, silk and matt finishes making it ideal for any space where you want to generate a coordinated look. It is a strong ceiling paint and good for interior walls, too.

There again, Rosebud provides a slightly lighter shade. It only takes one coat so you can forget about the need to spend hours decorating with it. What's more, it is washable making it a good pick for kitchens. If you buy Pink Starburst, then please bear in mind that this rich pink matt emulsion paint has anti-bacterial properties, too, making it ideal for food preparation areas.

vibrant pink hallway

Pale Pink Paint Colours

Silk Sheets

Tender shaded baby pink-purple

Pastel Paper

Pastel taupe orange with undertone pink

Lauren's Lace

Faint shaded baby pink-purple

Floral Linen

Crispy clear salmon pink-orange

Lauren's Lace and Silk Sheets are very fine, subtle pink colours with red undertones. Suited to rooms with lots of sunlight, both would be good choices to buy for an office as well as to use in the home whether they are added to walls or used to paint a ceiling.

Pastel Paper, by contrast, is a taupe-orange colour with a pink undertone. Use it for all your walls or more sparingly to make a stronger pink accent wall stand out.

Darker pink shades offer fun wherever you choose to paint them.

Dark Pink Paint Colours

Paradise Petals

Paradise Petals is a hot fuchsia pink

Peony Posy

Lush muted cheerful cerise pink

Tutti Frutti

Fruity dark fuchsia pink with magenta tint

High Note

Joyful cerise rose-pink

If you want some tester pots with a more vibrant pink hue for your room, then Lush Rose and Tutti Frutti are worth checking out. The former offers a saturated, cheerful cerise-pink look with a romantic rose-pink undertone. The latter is a fun fuchsia pink with a magenta undertone.

For exterior woodwork, try Paradise Petals. This looks good on all wood, from playhouses to garden sheds - in fact, anything in the garden that you want to brighten up.

Available in a matt and mid-sheen finish, in many ways, Baby Blossom is the quintessential pink wall paint thanks to its soft yet warm tonal qualities. It is a colour that can be used in any space but would suit a toddler's bedroom especially well. It is washable, too, so it is a practical choice to add to your basket when decorating your home.

Blush Pink Paint Colours

Pink Pail

Light muted cheerful cerise rose-pink

Pink Cardoon

Light muted toffee apple red

Shy Blush

Subtle bright fuchsia with a dash of magenta

Pleasing Pink

Blushy light pastel cerise rose-pink

Blush pink seemingly filters natural light so it deserves to be considered in bedrooms and calming rooms, such as yoga studios, for example. Pink Pail is a great example, providing a muted, cheerful cerise-pink colour for walls with a rosy undertone.

If you would prefer to add a blush pink colour to your room with a ruby undertone, then Pink Cardoon is worth looking at. There again, Shy Blush offers a grown-up look whether it is applied to walls or a ceiling thanks to its delightful magenta undertone. These shades work brilliantly with pale yellows.

Dusky pink creates grown-up sophistication when you add it to an interior design.

Dusky Pink Paint Colours

Iced Petal

Iced Petal is a mid, warm, dusty, mauve grey

Ballet Dancer

Floral subdued sandy pink with a brick tint


Romantic subdued sandy pink with a brick tint

Pressed Petal

Soft coral pink with a raspberry undertone

One of the best tips to watch out for when pairing a pink colour with a white trim is to do so with a dusky pink paint. Iced petal is just such a dusky pink paint that will give your pink wall a distinctly greyish appearance. Add it to your basket if you already have white skirting boards, that you want to keep, for instance.

Ballet Dancer and Romeo both offer romance and work well with white. They both have a candy-pink tonality but provide a subdued appearance at the same time. Consequently, they will offer a calming touch in any room. Particularly beautiful when used in a bathroom.

Our selection of pastel pink paints deserves to be considered for all living spaces.

Pastel Pink Paint Colours

Kendall Rose

Floral rosy toffee apple pink with ruby tints

Strawberry Icing

Sweet soft toffee apple pink with ruby tints

Pink Sangria

Warming light salmon pink-orange

Jaguar Rose

Dreamy soft rose with a dash of ruby

Kendall Rose and Strawberry icing are funky shades for interior walls with a candy apple appearance. Pair them with lighter pinks on a door or other woodwork. By contrast, Pink Sangria has a charming salmon-like, almost beige, pastel quality with a brick undertone. It would be a good choice in a powder room or a walk-in wardrobe among other spaces.

Our rose pink and rose gold paints prove a perfect balance in any room.

Rose Pink Paint Colours

Vintage Rose

Vintage Rose is a mid, clean, rose pink

Pink Clay Pot

Midtone muted toffee apple red

Madagascar Pink

Lush muted cheerful cerise rose-pink


Rosy coral and the undertone is raspberry

Vintage Rose is a mid-pink colour that you can add to wood with ease. Meanwhile Pink Clay Pot and Madagascar Pink both work well in living room settings. These are cheerful colours that offer the naturalistic appearance of roses but with delicate and soothing undertones, as well.

Bright Pink Paint Colours

Bleeding Heart

Lovely inviting pinkish ruby

Cranberry Splash

Toffee apple pink with a dash of cranberry

Mexican Chile

Warm bright pink with a ruby red tint

Paradise Petals

Paradise Petals is a hot fuchsia pink

If you buy any of these three bright colours to add to your home, then you won't be disappointed in just how vibrant they are. Bleeding Heart, Cranberry Splash and Mexican Chile all have a deep ruby undertone. Cranberry Splash is a pure, candy apple pink while the other two afford full-on saturated tones. Light grey shades work very well with

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