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Beige is a wide-ranging colour group that offers shades that work well as a backdrop.

Apply beige paint to your home for a calming, natural look in your preferred interior decoration style.

A litre or two of beige paint products will look great whichever application method you use - roller or paintbrush. Why? Because the coverage that beiges offer is perfect for every single room in the home. This is thanks to the tonality of beige which resembles the undyed colour of natural wool. In fact, it derives its name from the French word for such wool.

All Beige Paint Colours

Beige can cover everything from off-white creams through to yellow including tan, camel, khaki and taupe along the way. When you buy a beige paint product for your home, you are really opting for a natural look that will allow more strident colours to come to the fore. This means you can use beige to water down your interior décor style and make it less in your face.

However, this doesn't mean that orders of beige paint produced from within our range are only good for setting the undertone or background hue. Our brand of natural beiges can be applied creatively in their own right, too. Read on to find out more information about the use of beige in modern interior design and the best products to order before you commit to a particular tone.

Discover why beige offers a modern look that never really goes out of fashion.

Our Favourite Neutral Paint Colours of 2024

Peach Pudding

Balmy neutral sandy red

Singing Sand

Pale taupe beige with a pink tint

El Capitan

Midtone earthy beige with dusty pink

Taupe Delight

Taupe Delight is a warm taupe greige

If you thought that beige was old-fashioned, then it is probably time to reconsider given how much this colour type has delivered, in terms of interior design, recently. Contemporary designers will often specify orders of products like Peach Pudding, for example, because they can use them to pair with delicate blue paint colours. Save this one if you are after a soft, sandy-red beige with a brick undertone.

Add Singing Sand to your basket if you would like to use a pale, grey, taupe-like beige on your walls. This one comes with a subtle pink undertone. There again, how about a mid-tone, grey and earthy beige in the form of El Capitan, ideal for pairing with plum and teal tones?

From cream tones to tan colour shades, light beige can add surface shine to your walls.

Light Beige Paint Colours

China Clay

China Clay is a light warm greige

Antique Cream

Antique Cream is a light, soft, pale, pinky cream

Champagne Crème

Champagne Crème is a light, muted, creamy, dusty pink

Lonely Cloud

Nutty fresh off-white with a dash of red

Some people find that they only start to get interested in a beige product when it has lighter tonality which means it will sit alongside whites well. China Clay is a case in point. Available in matt, silk and soft-sheen finishes, it will add a sense of serenity to bedroom walls and ceilings. It's washable, too, so use it for a kitchen surface.

Antique Cream is a masonry paint you can also use on interior surfaces in any space, great for creating a coordinated look. With a slightly more camel-like tonality, Champagne Crème is an interior washable paint product.

Dark Beige Paint Colours

Stone's Throw

Dark cappuccino greige

Bear Cub

Huggable warm greige with taupe tint

Townhouse Brick

Playful cappuccino greige

Winter Feather

Soft grey teddy bear beige with taupe

Ideal for feature wall coverage or if you want a more strident interior décor look to be delivered, dark beiges have added depth. Stone's Throw, for example, is a cappuccino greige with a fibrous coconut undertone. Buy Bear Cub if you want a product that offers a saturated tone. Its cobblestone greige has a taupe undertone. Meanwhile, Townhouse Brick is an ideal shade for a home cinema, for instance.

Discover why a few coats of Chapel Stone can save your rooms from looking dull without compromising on the neutrality beiges offer. Available in soft-sheen, silk and matt finishes, it's one of the mid-tone to light beiges that would be good to buy for any application. It performs well inside and out and can be delivered as a washable paint, too, meaning it is a strong contender for kitchens and other places where water contact is likely.

Search for warm beige colours when shopping for a room that you want to be inviting when entered.

Warm Beige Paint Colours


Seashell is a mid, warm, sandy greige


Soft and warm koala greige with khaki

Winter Cocoa

Warming cobblestone greige with taupe

Winter Caress

Darling subdued yellow beige

Read more about Johnstone's brand of warm beiges if you want to obtain a cream-like product that won't feel too cold or austere. Seashell is a one-coat product, perfect if you are painting over white surfaces. A koala greige shade with a khaki undertone, Fieldstone has an exceptional warmth to it that won't water down your home's sense of hospitability. There again, Winter Cocoa is a product that has a cobblestone greige hue with a taupe undertone, ideal for matching with yellow colours and sandy tones.

Beige and pink colour combinations add a sophisticated touch to ceilings, walls and other surfaces.

Beige Paint Colours with Pink Undertones


Light taupe greige with a pink tint

Grey Beige

Soft taupe beige with pink tint

Casual Elegance

Classic neutral taupe beige with pink tints


Blushing baby beige with a red tint

All three of these beiges work well with white skirting boards and architraves. Save them for rooms in which you want an elegant, more refined look. Grey Beige's pink undertone offers this quality with a very neutral primary tone.

There again, Intuitive is a light, grey, taupe greige that has the same pinkish undertone. Save Casual Elegance to your basket if you cannot wait to see a soft, neutral, taupe beige delivered to your home that also offers a rosy undertone. All of these colours can save a room from looking too neutral while also not becoming the dominant decoration colour.

Beige Paint Colours with Grey Undertones


Soft sepia greige with an umber tint

Mud Bath

Midtone baked greige with a sandy tint

Almond Paste

Light tarnished beige with a khaki tint


Soft millennial beige with a silvery tint

Grey-beiges work well if you already have grey furniture, for example, and want a sense of coordination to be delivered in your living room that isn't completely uniform. A paint product like Whiskers offers just this sort of property. A soft, grey-sepia greige, it has an umber undertone. It is a strong paint colour for a foyer or lounge and it can be paired with thick, deep tones or lighter greiges, as preferred.

Mud Bath and Almond Paste offer similarly attractive looks. The former is a mid-tone shade that pairs nicely with marble. The latter benefits from a khaki undertone and a lighter tonality. A brilliant choice for those looking for a neutral bathroom paint colours.

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