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With so many shades, from light pink to deep burgundy, red is a colour that can suit any space if applied with a bit of thought.

Red paint isn't too overwhelming for modern interior décor styles so long as strong tones, such as scarlet, are used in small doses. Living rooms, bedrooms, dining rooms and kitchens can all look good with red walls. Equally, it works well as a ceiling paint in a room where you want to add some life or drama. Read on to discover more tips about how to use it well in your home.

All Red Paint Colours

As a warm colour, red can make a statement, serve as an inspiration or transform a dull room into something much more engaging. However, plenty of interior designers suggest that red shades shouldn't be used under all conditions. It is often more effective as a feature paint rather than being the main colour, for example.

To get on good terms with using red paint well in a room, you need to know which hues to use in which rooms and what other tones it can pair with. Before you add any red paint items to your basket when shopping, discover why you should explore the whole range first and only then settle on the perfect colour for your chosen room.

Red wall paint comes in many different categories to suit all tastes.

Our Favourite Red Paint Colours of 2024

Brick Red

Red Brick is a dark, warm, earthy red

Hot Cherry

Hot Cherry is a dark garnet and wine red

Enchanting Eggplant

Delicious rusty red with chocolate dashes

Pizza Pie

Deep subdued spiced red

We have some great paint on offer that is very on-trend whether you are looking for a warm look for the exterior of your home or any internal space. Brick Red is a good example because it is an exterior smooth masonry paint that will freshen the appearance of your entire property. You can checkout with a 15-year version of this product if you want a very long-lasting effect.

Then again, Hot Cherry is the very thing if you are looking for a chic, bright red for your home because it is a perfectly balanced tone which will make a strong statement wherever it is applied. Turn to Enchanting Eggplant for an up-to-the-minute dark, neutral, rusty red. This one has a chocolate undertone making it perfect for a powder room or even a home cinema.

Light red paint - from soft coral to warm pinks - can serve as an inspiration.

Light Red Paint Colours

Cozy Cottage

Comfy muted toffee apple red

Shangri La

Light shaded dusty red with a blush

Shower of Blossom

Slight muted salmon red


Soft neutral dusty pink with a blush

A pale and muted, candy apple red with a ruby undertone, Cozy Cottage is a paint that offers a pink hue and would look great on the walls of a guest room or bathroom. Meanwhile, Shangri La is a dusty red with a blush undertone that also has a pink hue. Alternatively, Shower of Blossom is a good call if you want to move away from pinks with your choice of light red paint. It is a muted, salmon red with a gorgeous brick undertone.

deep red wall with linen and a bowl on a stool

Dark Red Paint Colours

Hot Cherry

Hot Cherry is a dark garnet and wine red

Cranberry Crush

Dark muted coral red with raspberry tint

Burning Bush

Vivid muted coral red with a raspberry tint

Regal Robe

Dark shaded Merlot red with an oaky tint

Hot Cherry sits between Dusky Berry and Merry Berry in our red range of paints, perfect if you want a bold look that won't fade or get boring. A dark yet muted, coral red with a raspberry undertone, Cranberry Crush is a good colour for a dining room, especially when paired with brown paint colours and used sparingly. Burning Bush is also a coral red with a raspberry undertone. Add it next to areas of off-white trim.

This colour is perfect for giving any space a sophisticated look.

A dark, subdued, Merlot red, Rusty Wool is a good paint for a red wall colour or for a bold front door. With an oaky undertone, the depth of this colour is quite remarkable and will help you to create a reddish tonality without being too over-the-top or oppressive. The rusty hue of this colour makes it stand out from darker reds as well as many pink and coral shades.

A front door with a deep red appearance will create a welcoming look.

Deep Red Paint Colours

Victory Red

Victory Red is a dark, bright, ruby, blood red

Lipstick Rouge

Rocky subdued spiced red

Autumn Ridge

Dark subdued spiced red

Cranberry Crush

Dark muted coral red with raspberry tint

Deep reds are great for any trim in the home. Add Lipstick Rouge to a new window frame to help filter sunlight in a new and interesting way, for example. Autumn Ridge is also a good choice for a window if you want to create a paint finish that will look good next to olive or khaki tones. By contrast, Victory Red is a gloss-sheen exterior paint product that would be good to add to your basket if you want to redecorate the outside of your home.

dark red living room wall

Bright Red Paint Colours

Signal Red

Signal Red is a dark, vibrant, crimson red

Rum Punch

Bright salmon red with a hint of brick

Red Gumball

Deep coral red and the undertone is raspberry

Rich Red

Rich Red is a mid, bright, carmine red

With a matt finish, Signal Red is a bright colour that can be painted onto wood and metal. It is also washable, so it is a good option when looking for kitchen wall paint. Rum Punch is a strong hue that will add a touch of glamour to reception rooms and bedrooms. It is the perfect partner of both yellow-golds and off-whites. With a rich raspberry undertone, Red Gumball would be ideal on a ceiling or when used a wall paint in a dining room.

White and red living room

Muted Red Paint Colours

Brick Path

Deep muted coral red with a raspberry tint

Candy Blush

Saturated muted toffee apple red


Soft muted toffee apple red

Sunday Morning

Saturated shaded rusty red

If you are shopping for muted red and pink tones, then Brick Path and Candy Blush both offer the right tonality. The former constitutes a deep, muted paint with a raspberry undertone while the latter is a saturated, candy apple red that has a ruby-like undertone. For a muted pink tone, filter your search to view Exhilaration. Good for a child's bedroom ceiling paint, this pink is ideal for small and large spaces alike.

Dusky Red Paint Colours

Merry Berry

Merry Berry is a mid, bright, ruby red

Dusky Berry

Deep subdued raspberry chocolate purple

Ruby Lips

Precious subdued rusty red

Horizon Glow

Saturated subdued rusty red

Dusky Berry would be a perfect partner for living rooms with décor that already feature pink and red touches here and there. It comes in matt and soft-sheen finishes to suit any lounge. If you're shopping for a red woodcare paint, then you couldn't do better than Merry Berry. Finally, Berry Ruby Lips is a dusky and subdued, rusty red that has a deep chocolate undertone, making it ideal for walk-in dressing rooms and grown-up bedrooms.

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