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purple living room wall

Purple paint offers something different from the norm with a richness and even glamour that other tones often don't convey

Purple paint isn't a colour everyone would naturally turn to for their interior but it can lift a room and offer a soothing feel, too, so don't rule it out when decorating. Purple works well with white trims but it can also set off pink, blue and even yellow items in the home well. Find out more about how to deploy both dark and light purple paint if you are unsure about the conditions under which it will look best.

All Purple Paint Colours

If you have ever been in a room with dark purple paint then you will probably realise that this colour can divide opinions. However, it is the perfect colour to choose in many stylish settings, providing a degree of 'pop' as well as a sense of peace and calmness. Whether you use it for a feature wall or more extensively around the whole home to add a sense of uniformity, purple can deliver a great deal.

From a subtle lilac through to a deep purple paint colour, these shades offer versatility. Once a room with purple paint has been entered, you'll know exactly what sort of dynamic decorating style to expect. Search our entire stock of purple shades and choose the perfect colour for your home.

Our extensive range of purple paint means you'll always find the perfect colour.

Our Favourite Purple Paint Colours of 2024

Ash Grove

Midtone slightly raspberry heliotrope purple

Blackcurrant Magic

Blackcurrant Magic is a dark peony purple

Dark Angel

Dark Angel is a dark purple with a touch of pink

Pale Plum

Shaded heliotrope purple with raspberry tints

If you are considering a purple wall as a feature of your room or even decorating more extensively with purple, then save some of these paints as potential on-trend options. Firstly, Ash Grove constitutes a great mid-tone, heliotrope purple with a raspberry undertone that is neutral enough for all spaces.

Another top pick from the range is Blackcurrent Magic. As the name suggests, it takes the fruit as its inspiration and comes in a matt as well as a mid-sheen finish. If you still want to find a dramatic feature wall option for your basket, then how about Dark Angel? This one will also work well if you fancy a purple ceiling.

Light purple paint and lilac shades offer stylish, modern inspiration.

Light Purple Paint Colours

Lighter Than Air

Pale muted peony purple

Pale Orchid

Silvery light amethyst purple

Frosted Lilac

Soft shaded lilac icy purple

Dream Dust

Warm and pale dust rose with peony purple

An ideal choice for walls in a child's bedroom, for example, Lighter Than Air offers a muted, pretty peony purple that would look great against grey or warm complementing tones. It has a grape juice undertone. If you buy Pale Orchid for your walls, then expect a truly light purple paint that looks great set against brown or deep orange paint colours.

Among our stock of purple options in lighter tones is Frosted Lilac. It provides an icy purple hue with a mulberry undertone. Orders of it are suited to meditative and relaxing spaces making it an ideal paint for a guest bedroom, for instance.

Painting with dark purple for interiors offers a dramatic end product.

Dark Purple Paint Colours

Bramble Patch

Dark fruity greyish heliotrope purple

Distant Galaxy

Intense subdued monarch purple

Wild Hyacinth

Dark neutral blue-greyish monarch purple

Plum Orchard

Joyful violet purple with mauve tint

If you are unsure which dark purple paint would suit your home best, especially if you are going to use one in a small room, then consider these three options. Distant Galaxy and Wild Hyacinth come with sumptuous indigo undertones for a rich blue-like feel while Bramble Patch is a heliotrope purple that offers an intriguing raspberry undertone. Add these shades to any room you want to look rich and inviting.

Drawn from our Woodcare Garden line, this is an outdoor paint for wood and wooden structures. Paint it on a shed where you keep your garden tools or give your fencing a colour that will make lavenders, lilacs and bellflowers stand out. This is a perfect product to buy for nearly all exterior woodwork.

Pastels come in many different shades, working well as purple wall and ceiling paint, in particular.

Pastel Purple Paint Colours

Delicate Blossom

Dusky soft lilac purple

Village Fair

Midtone subdued lilac mulberry purple

Silver Chalice

Silvery soft icy purple with mulberry tints

Violet Whimsey

Light icy violet purple with mulberry tints

Not all purples are strident paints that create a dramatic impact. Some are much more subtle and it is clear why when you add pastel purples to your home. Delicate Blossom is a great wall or ceiling paint, for instance. This shade is good to pair with accent greens or grey-silver tones.

Alternatively, why not add Village Fair to your basket? It is a mid-tone, mulberry purple with a subdued royal blue undertone that would be perfect for a feature wall or even as a ceiling paint.

Deep purple paint will create a noticeable depth with interior walls.

Dusky Purple Paint Colours

Gothic Amethyst

Musing neutral dusty violet purple

Princess Castle

Dusty rose and peony purple

Pink Potion

Midtone subdued dusty violet purple


Shaded dusty violet purple with mauve tint

To begin with, Gothic Amethyst is saturated, dusty violet purple. Many people discover its neutral tonality works well with its mauve undertone. Good for dressing rooms and reading rooms, it has a classic feel. Another dusky purple that reviews well is Princess Castle. This dusty rose-purple with a peony undertone is another fine choice as a ceiling paint.

In terms of dining rooms, Pink Potion constitutes a perfect mid-tone choice. Buy it if you want your white trim to pop against its dusty violet-mauve purple appearance.

Grey Purple Paint Colours

Silver Wedding

Soft subdued enchanting misty purple

Glistening Grey

Silken neutral mulberry purple

Amethyst Haze

Shiny mulberry purple with royal blue tint

If you want the perfect purple wall but aren't sure whether one would suit your home, then a grey-purple paint is a good place to start. With a misty undertone, Silver Wedding seemingly filters the light that reflects off it with a soft shimmer. Meanwhile, Glistening Grey is a mulberry purple with a royal blue undertone that can save walls from looking drab without being too in your face.

Where Does Purple Paint Work Best?

There is no perfect way of describing the best purple paint application but if you are talking about interior décor, then the feature wall approach has to be part of the discussion. Rich purples with a matt finish make great backdrops for visual art, especially paintings with bold, metal frames. Just one rich purple wall in a bedroom or lounge can really alter its character.

If you have a smaller space or one that doesn't see much natural sunlight, then opt for a more soothing pastel or light purple colour. Such shades will line up well with white architraves, white doors and white skirting boards which can help save time if you don't want to repaint those features to accommodate your new colour choice.

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