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A brown wall complementing a wooden floor.

Brown paint provides a house beautiful aesthetic and is increasingly on-trend.

If you want to decorate a room with a warm texture that can add drama and richness with the right shade, then brown may be the colour for you. Forget purple, green, pink, orange, burgundy and blue shades for a moment and discover what brown has to offer, too.

All Brown Paint Colours

Warm colours, like brown, haven't always been in fashion but they have definitely made a comeback and look set to stay. Overall, brown paint provides a richness that is hard to find with other colours.

In addition, brown is highly versatile. This adaptability isn't merely down to the fact that you can find it in such contrasting colours - from rich chocolate tones through to almost neutral light brown shades - but because it can be used in virtually any setting these days, too.

Read on to discover why it is used to generate a soothing atmosphere and warmth in so many settings.

Our Favourite Brown Paint Colours of 2023

Sandstone is a light, warm, pinky beige
Mocha is a mid coffee brown
Coffee Cream
Coffee Cream is a mid cocoa brown with a touch of dusty mauve
Leather Loafers
Comfy neutral tree branch beige

When it comes to brown tones in interior décor, there are some great paints for walls that won't date, creating a view that you will enjoy every time you glance at them. Of course, creating a house beautiful look with a brown wall will depend on the paint you use and your preferred tone.

That said, you cannot go wrong with our sandstone brown. It offers a beige kind of look that will generate a warm feel in the home. There again, our mocha brown paint can be used in any room in the home where you want to add a rich tone. For paint that offers a selection of matt, silk or soft sheen finishes, our Coffee Cream colour is also ideal.

Like other browns in our range, these picks for 2023 will suit any room and provide a rich living space wherever they're used.

Where Does Brown Paint Work Best?

Not only does brown look good inside and out but it provides a strong tone without any sense of drama. Whether it is used as a wall covering, a ceiling colour or as a trim tone for pipes and radiators, for example, it will work in any room.

Brown walls give a reception room a rich and earthy quality.

Introspective is a dark, tree branch brown that offers a neutral, earthy undertone. This brown shade is an ideal one to add to your basket if you want to bring the exterior of your home up to standard. It pairs very well with lighter neutral shades of brown, too, so you can use it to paint internal walls or to use as a trim when detailing features like recesses and chimney breasts.

Light Brown Paint Colours

Applesauce Cake
Saturated subdued golden almond yellow
Marsh Reed
Stony greyish yellow with a hazel tint
Glazed Pears
Sweet subdued bronzed caramel yellow

Light brown tones tend to create depth without generating a gloomy environment in the home. When applied to walls, cream-brown colours can make a room seem larger. A good example is our mid-toned light brown shade, Quail Ridge, which will suit both internal and external paint applications.

There again, how about our Applesauce Cake brown paint? It is saturated and subdued in equal measure making it great for a dining room, a corridor or a lounge. Another good example of our lighter shades is Marsh Reed. This paint is as good for trim and ceiling applications. Discover its grey-brown tone that will add depth and lightness simultaneously.

Dark brown paint would suit dining room settings with a hint of red blue or pink here and there.

Dark Brown Paint Colours

Nutty tree bark brown with cocoa tint
Dark and warm earthy black
Black Walnut
Warm dusty violet black with mauve int
Hearty teddy bear brown with taupe dashes

Offering a gloss sheen finish, our Conker brown paint is suited to wood and metal items in any room to create an accent. It is typical of the sort of high-quality dark brown tones there are within our range. With a taupe undertone, Undercover provides an on-trend hue that won't date on the outside of a building or on its internal walls.

If you're looking for a dusty violet blackish-brown with a mauve undertone, then how about Black Walnut? This paint works well when set against cream or tan tones, affording a sumptuous look.

The depth of chocolate brown walls sets it apart from other tones.

Chocolate Brown Paint Colours

Chocolate is a cool, dark brown
Chocolate Lab
Delicious warm mocha brown
Black Coffee
Warm sugar black with gingerbread dashes
Badger Sett
Delicious deep chocolate brown

Many people associate chocolate tones with brown paint and it is easy to understand why when you consider just how rich these tones can be. Chocolate and Chocolate Lab both offer smooth, mocha-like appearances that can be paired with brickwork, fabrics and wood very well.

Meanwhile, Bark offers a trendy violet-black colour with a dusty, mauve undertone. It would be perfect for a sophisticated dining room or virtually any other setting in the home.

A natural warm brown wall will suit any space, especially when it is combined with metal to create a cool look.

Warm Brown Paint Colours

Burnt Sugar
Burnt Sugar is a mid, warm, mocha beige
Bronco Brown
Sun-kissed muted candy corn orange
Coffee Caramel
Smooth and sweet clay beige with khaki tint
Golden Granola
Saturated shaded baked sandy yellow

Offering contrast and richness, warm brown paints suit reception rooms, such as a living room or a day room, as well as bedrooms. Providing a mid-range tonality, paints like Burnt Sugar are just as suited to trendy ceiling applications as they are to walls.

There again, Bronco Brown has a muted, candy corn citrus-like tone blended with a golden sunshine undertone that'd suit a grown up bedroom or spare room. Coffee Caramel, by contrast, offers a lustrous clay appearance with a khaki undertone. It'd also suit a bedroom or an exotically themed bathroom.

Golden Brown Paint Colours

Stony Creek
Murmuring neutral almond golden beige
Olive Wood
Intense neutral almond golden brown
Sailor's Knot
Midtone shaded ochre yellow with a mossy dash

The basket of colours that includes golden brown paints provides warmth and sophistication at the same time. For example, our Olive Wood paint offers a hint of green with deep plum undertones making it a perfect choice for a dining room or even a kitchen-diner, if preferred.

Take a look at Stony Creek if your idea of a golden brown colour is saturated yet neutral. This particular brown matches well with white trims and helps add to the calmness of any space. On the other hand, our Favourite Fudge constitutes a dark, neutral, ochre brown that has a light, moss-like undertone. All three choices are useful for creating depth without overdoing it.

For extra appeal try pairing this colour with a light yellow.

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