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Orange interiors offer visual excitement and a positive appearance in equal measure.

As a strong colour choice, orange can look warm and deep whether it is painted on walls or used as a trim.

Providing a great deal of versatility, our extensive range of orange paint colours provides different moods, textures and tonal qualities. Whether you want a funky wall or ceiling paint for a teenager's bedroom, would like to make your living room feel warm or you simply enjoy bright tones in your workspace, consider painting with orange tones.

All Orange Paint Colours

Orange is a bold colour choice. Don't forget how rich and exciting orange can be when it is used to create a feature wall, for example. That said, orange paint needn't always be about creating a sense of drama. Burnt orange often looks good against subtle grey or off-white tones, for instance.

From warming terracotta to deep rust tones, orange works well in all light conditions and can create an almost instant sense of identity in a room whether it is a wall or ceiling paint. Find out more about painting with orange shades and why doing so might mean striking gold in your home.

Our Favourite Orange Paint Colours of 2024

Sombrero Tan

Sunny rusty orange with copper tint

Fiery Sunset

Fiery Sunset is a mid, pumpkin spiced, vermillion orange

Maple Haze

Maple Haze is a mid warm terracotta

Orange Milk

Delicious soft tangerine sherbet orange

Because orange paint is often chosen for feature walls nowadays, it is worth looking at an on-trend example or two that will work well when used in this way. Fiery Sunset and Maple Haze are both paint colours that certainly fit this bill. Use them to paint any one-off wall in any room. Maple Haze comes in matt and soft-sheen finishes while Fiery Sunset is a washable paint that's ideal for kitchen feature walls.

If you are looking for a rusty orange colour for your feature wall or walls, then Sombrero Tan would make a good choice. It has a mid-tone, muted hue with an attractive copper undertone. Match it with browns and grey shades for a truly distinctive interior décor look.

Light Orange Paint Colours

Melon Ice

Light warm peachy orange

Coral Silk

Silky warm and spicy coral orange

Citrus Sachet

Soft tangerine orange with a dash of sherbet

Hush Puppy

Midtone orange with a hint of pumpkin spice

Melon Ice is a great example of the way you can soften the natural warmth of pure orange. This paint offers a golden-orange look with a honey-yellow undertone. It can be paired with red, green or blue hues with ease without looking out of place or jarring. This is a lively, if subtle, colour to choose.

There again, Coral Silk is another remarkably attractive light orange tone. It has a bright, autumnal orange kind of feel with a touch of spicy pumpkin. This paint would be a good one to choose if you have dark wood on view in your room, such as parquet flooring, for instance.

Discover why burnt orange paint is considered to afford such a sophisticated tonal quality.

Burnt Orange Paint Colours

Spanish Rooftop

Rusty copper with an orange glow


Warm rusty orange with a dash of copper


Golden deep ginger brown with a hint of peach

Sesame Crunch

Bright tangerine orange with a hint of sesame

Among the stunning burnt orange paint you could choose for your home is Spanish Rooftop. It has a terracotta-like appearance as its name implies. This paint would be ideal for the walls of a media room or a day room but the fact is that you could use it anywhere you like.

Grounded also has a warm burnt orange tonality. This one is carrot orange with a peach undertone that would work well set against an off-white trim. Alternatively, how about Tabasco for your walls? It is a bit darker with a rich copper undertone.

With a brown undertone, Ginger Shortbread is an alluring colour. Use it as ceiling paint or on your walls if you want to add warmth and create an inviting ambience in your room. A soft, peachy kind of orange, this is one of those shades that would be equally at home on the ceiling of a bedroom as it would on the walls of reception rooms. Pair it with green furnishings for a sophisticated look.

Bright Orange Paint Colours


Magical golden orange with honey tint

Tiger Tail

Deep tangerine orange with a sherbet tint

Georgian Leather

Brownish bright pumpkin spice orange

Horizon's Eye

Pure tangerine orange with a sherbet tint

Broomstick and Georgian Leather are bright colour choices for reception rooms. Use either of them for a study, lounge or dining room among other locations. Broomstick offers a deep yet bright, golden orange colour with a honey-yellow undertone. By contrast, Georgian Leather has a saturated appearance with a peachy undertone.

Another bright colour is Tiger Tail. A tangerine-like orange with a sherbet undertone, this paint would be great in a games room, an open-plan day room, or even as a feature wall colour thanks to its vivid hue.

Dark orange wall

Dark Orange Paint Colours

Fruit Smoothie

Dazzling subdued ginger orange

Spice It Up

Soothing subdued taupe orange

Cedar Chest

Rich subdued earthy pink-orange

Brown Clay

Autumnal orange with a hint of pumpkin spice

Spice It Up is a fun orange shade for any walls in the home that need livening up. This colour is a teddy bear orange matched with a taupe undertone. It'd be just as at home used as a front door paint as it would inside.

Fruit Smoothie is also dark yet rich. It is a ginger-style orange with a persimmon undertone and it can be used in almost any setting. Meanwhile, Cedar Chest is a subdued orange that you could use to make a kitchen wall more exciting. It is also a good choice for reception rooms.

Pastel orange colours work well on walls or as ceiling paint.

Pastel Orange Paint Colours

Salmon Eggs

Poppy earthy orange with dusty pink tint

Maple Granola

Sweet and crispy candy corn orange with glow

Enchanted Desert

Earthy muted rusty orange with copper tints

Peach Beauty

Fruity carrot orange with peach

Pastel shades of orange can be deployed with great subtlety and to glorious effect. They're particularly strong candidates as ceiling paints thanks to their lighter tones. Salmon Eggs and Maple Granola are both fine examples of this with dusty pink and golden sunshine undertones respectively. Enchanted Desert, on the other hand, offers a rusty orange look with a copper undertone.

Muted Orange Paint Colours

Fresh Praline

Sweet and fresh tangerine and sherbet orange

Butterscotch Frost

Warm carrot orange with peachy tint

Terrazzo Tan

Warming orange with copper tints

Summer Spice

Spicy intense tangerine orange

Fresh Praline provides an almost burnt orange appearance with a sherbet undertone that'd be ideal to complement dark woods. A saturated, carrot orange, Butterscotch Frosting is also muted but this one is a better choice if you want to pair it with white. Terrazzo Tan works well with most blues - from teal to purple paints - thanks to its muted, rusty colour with a touch of copper.

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