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living room with a greige wall

Greige paints colours are the perfect marriage between classic grey and stylish beige. As well as being easy on the eye, greige is one of the most practical colour choices around and it’s little wonder that it’s become one of the most popular design picks of the past decade. 

As it’s a celebration of the best qualities of both colour families it’s inspired by, you’ll have no issue decorating with this paint colour. Thinking about trying a warm neutral for the first time? A greige colour scheme is the way to go. Looking for a cooler shade to work with slate-coloured kitchen cabinets? A light greige paint infused with icy undertones will serve as the perfect backdrop. 

Greige is also very simple to decorate with. You can use it as a reference point when selecting complementary colours and other shades to paint your interiors. Alternatively, turn to those beige undertones and hints of grey for inspiration when choosing furniture and natural materials to enhance your interiors. 

This perfect neutral works beautifully in any space. Ditch greens and off-white paint colours in favour of greige in the bedroom if you want to benefit from its calming effect and enjoy the best night’s sleep of your life. Need to decorate an open-plan living room and dining space? Standard white is fine for a cheap and cheery refresh, but it’s not practical. Greige is, bringing all that neutrality you’re looking for, with added warm tones that take on a new dimension once the lights have been dimmed.

Our 10 Favourite Greige Paint Colours

Can’t decide on what greige to use for your decorating projects? Why not try one of these popular greige shades from Johnstone’s range?

If you’re searching for a fairly soft greige, go with a light taupe like Intuitive. Thanks to its pink undertones, this popular beige will add warmth and intensity to any space.

Pair it with earthy beiges or dusty pinks for a timeless colour combination. Blush shades will also work nicely here, especially if you’re thinking about using greige in the bedroom. If you’d rather use this as a singular colour, you can always turn to room accessories to bring added depth and visual interest to your interiors.

Blush tones are a great idea for bedrooms and living spaces. Steel Me ticks all the right boxes, with this dusty greige providing you with an elegant base for a welcoming interior. This shade leans more toward the grey colour family, but its dusky character makes it the perfect partner to pink-infused neutrals. 

Using pure white as a trim colour might leave a space feeling washed out. Instead, think about painting those skirting boards and mouldings with a bone or ivory shade instead.

Some of the most stylish greiges are rich in yellow character. With its sunny undertones, Cool Concrete is surprisingly bright and uplifting. It’s a good choice for contemporary spaces that might be lacking a south-facing aspect and warm natural light.

If you want to ensure a more interesting aesthetic, pair with slightly darker beiges to create complexity. Anything with green or brown undertones is an easy fit with this gorgeous greige shade.

Greiges are renowned for their refined characteristics. My Alibi is a testament to why this colour family has become so popular in recent years. Light and dusty, this greige is a superb choice if you’re eager to create a more sophisticated interior. 

Use it for luxurious living spaces decked out with designer furniture and one-of-a-kind decorative pieces. Subdued clays and caramel whites are the way to go if you’re searching for contemporary colours.

If you’ve never painted with greige before, striking the right balance between sultry and subdued can be difficult. With Storm’s Coming, you have a versatile greige that can be used effortlessly in almost any room. 

Surprisingly fresh, this greige boasts a red tint that makes it a warm and welcoming addition to a room palette. It borrows heavily from the grey colour family, making it ideal for contemporary homes. A great choice for living rooms, it’s also a flexible neutral that can be used in hallways and connecting spaces.

A good greige should be elegant, but this doesn’t mean they can’t be playful as well. Ostrich Feather is one of the more spirited greige shades in our range. With its golden tone and almond tint, it’s both joyful and warm.

The buttery yellow undertones make it a light and uplifting addition to a colour palette. Meanwhile, it pairs well with sunny shades, but can also be coordinated with hues like stormy grey and soft beige colours.

It can be easy to overdo it with more intense greiges. Milk Powder is a more understated take on this elegant colour family. With its soft character and yellow undertones, it can refresh a room without overwhelming it. 

While this greige is effective on its own, it’s also easy to build a tonal palette around this one. Use those yellow tones as your reference and pair with sepia hues or go with complementary shades like sage and khaki for a colour scheme with more complexity. You can even think about going a shade lighter.

If you’re itching to say goodbye to pale walls, a beachy greige is worth considering. Rocky Road is an ideal choice, with its khaki undertones making it a richer alternative to the neutrals you’ve been using up until now. 

You can use this greige for a single room refresh or as a primary colour for a complete house overhaul. It’s subtle enough that it can be used equally effectively in living rooms, kitchens and dining spaces. Using it throughout your home is definitely something to consider if you’re looking to create synergy.

For a more luxurious finish, go with a greige with a touch of silver. Floating Veil delivers this in spades, with this taupe-inspired shade also boasting a hint of pink that provides added warmth. 

There’s plenty to appreciate about this premium colour. The silver notes make it a perfect fit for contemporary spaces, while the warming pink undertones make it a great choice for bedrooms and intimate living spaces. It stands up on its own, but can also accommodate all manner of complementary colours effortlessly.

If your interiors have seen better days, a coat of soft greige will give them a new lease of life. Evening Shore is an easy choice if your rooms need refreshing up. As well as being an elegant alternative to neutrals, a hint of red brings a fiery warmth. 

This greige is striking enough on its own, providing you with a clean and contemporary aesthetic. Meanwhile, those red undertones ensure your space won’t be left feeling cool and sterile. You can easily add to the intensity of this greige by bringing in clay beiges or red-infused neutrals.

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