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Black paint can be paired with interior woodwork very effectively.

Black paint offers so much more than a moody look because it can make a space come alive, too.

Although black is primarily used as an exterior paint, it can also be used to highlight items as well as make them fade into the background indoors, as well. Yes, black will always divide opinions when it is used as an interior shade. That said, the judicious use of black in the home can provide a pleasant feel and even a degree of softness with the right tonality.

All Black Paint Colours

Our collection of black paint is suited to exterior applications as well as being an ideal choice for numerous modern interior décor styles. Apply it to metal, exterior masonry and interior walls or even use it as a feature ceiling paint. Once you have discovered how suitable black can be, you may never go back.

Before you add a selection of black paints to your basket, ask yourself which will be the best product to achieve the look you are after. Read on to find out more about how black can add depth to your palette of design colours.

Interior walls suit more black paint tones than you might have thought.

Our Favourite Black Paint Colours of 2024

Whitby Jet

Magical warm true bat black


Curious cool stormy black

Phantom Hue

Deep warm monarch grey

Black has become an increasingly chic colour in recent years. For instance, Whitby Jet is a classic warm, bat black from our on-trend stock that has a true black undertone. Ideal for a feature wall, it can also look great on woodwork trim.

A cool, stormy black with a navy undertone, Witchcraft is also widely used in interiors today. It can also be applied as an exterior paint to coordinate with already blackened wood, a good choice for a more uniform appearance with waterboarding, for example. There again, High Salute offers a dark, indigo black and comes with a cool, cobalt undertone. It looks great when paired with lighter greys.

Pure black brands your interior decoration style in particular way.

Pure Black Paint Colours

Starless Sky

Darker than dark bat black


Black is a dark true black

For some, the feel of black paint is all about the absence of subtle tonalities. If that applies to you, then pure black will be a good choice. With a true black undertone, Starless Sky evokes inky blackness, great for a ceiling paint or to add a sense of drama to exposed brickwork.

Simply named Black, our standard black paint comes in silk, soft-sheen and matt finishes for any situation. Use it for a combination of walls both inside and out. It can be bought as a 15-year masonry paint, after all. Suited to ceiling applications, too, this paint also works as a metal non-drip gloss for pipes and radiators. You can buy it as a wood and metal quick-drying satin product, too.

Soft Black Paint Colours

Witch’s Cloak

Stately cool concord black

Phantom Hue

Deep warm monarch grey


Curious cool stormy black

Witchcraft can be used to provide a softened appearance as an exterior or interior trim. Meanwhile, Witch's Cloak is a concord black colour that benefits from a plum undertone that takes the edge off its dark appearance. Another good option for walls or a ceiling in an interior setting would be Phantom Hue. It has a deep, warm, monarch grey-like hue.

Midnight Ocean might turn the page on what you consider black can offer in terms of warmth.

A dark, cool, phantom black which comes with an appropriately sooty undertone, Midnight Ocean is the sophisticated black colour that many people are looking for in their homes nowadays. For example, it would be a perfect paint colour for outdoor trim or even a front door. You can pair it with rich red or vibrant orange tones quite easily for a great colour combination on your walls.

Black Paint Colours with Blue Undertones

Soothing Sapphire

Intense indigo black with cobalt blue tint

Phantom Mist

Spectral warm mulberry black

Black Elegance

Elegant dark monarch black

Blue and black work well with kitchen cabinetry and wherever you want a grown-up look. Phantom Mist and Black Elegance both have a warm tonality with royal blue and indigo undertones, respectively. Meanwhile, Soothing Sapphire is cooler and possesses a cobalt undertone.

Living room wall painted with a black paint with brown undertones

Black Paint Colours with Brown Undertones

Dark Granite

Dark warm Merlot black with oaky dashes

Black Leopard

Dark cool serious black

Black Walnut

Warm dusty violet black with mauve int

Dark Granite and Black Walnut both offer warmth with brown undertones of oak and mauve, respectively. On the other hand, Black Leopard would be a good choice for a cooler appearance on feature walls. This paint has a serious tonality with a stone-like undertone.

Where Does Black Paint Work Best?

Whether it is used on fences, painted on metal or applied to walls or ceilings, black paint creates an atmosphere. Use it dramatically to set off a metal trim, like gold, or apply it more subtly as a background shade. Either way, this theatrical colour doesn't need to dominate but can be applied with just the same panache as any other darker shade available today.

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