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Dining area with clean white walls and a soft grey door and frame.

There is something about pure white that makes it work so well as a multi-surface finish in homes and workplaces.

Whether you like chalky white, shades of white with yellow, undertones of grey or creams, there will be a paint for you. From matt emulsion to satin and silk finishes, white paint has it all. Even painting metal with a primer undercoat can make it look brand new. Discover why white paint products are the jewel in the crown for so many interior decoration projects.

All White Paint Colours

To begin with, our collection of white paints offers matt finishes, ideal for walls and ceilings, as well as satin and silk looks that always look good when they're on view. Find out more about our extensive range of white paint products and discover more about each of the white sub-categories to give you a clear picture of the merits of each product.

Note that our paint products in white are suited to all surfaces, both interior and exterior, depending on which of the categories you are looking at. Some can be painted directly with no undercoat while others will need a primer, typically if you are painting onto wood or metal.

Turn the page on your idea of what white paint can be - including pure white emulsion - because white tones have a great deal to offer in the home. Choose wisely and you could save yourself lots of time and effort with each room you decorate because both pure white and off-white paints have a lot more depth to them than you might think.

White bathroom wall with a green undertone

Our Favourite White and Off-White Paint Colours of 2024


Classic true snow white

New Chalk

Pale grey veiled white

Candle Smoke

Light true white with grey-blue undertone

Candlelit Beige

Yellowish beige with a hint of dandelion

If you are interested in our tips for which off-white paint shades will be the most on-trend in 2023, then read on. To begin with, we think the pure white of Swansong will mean that it is a hit with amateur and professional interior designers alike. This white colour is ideal for numerous surfaces, providing a pale, winter-white tone that has not even a hint of an undertone.

There again, New Chalk offers a veiled white look resplendent with a warming red undertone. For this reason, it is a perfect paint companion in any room, especially when it is paired with dark shades of green. Candle Smoke offers a subtle undertone, too, this time in grey. It is good for walls and ceilings, a paint that would offer particularly effective results in a modern kitchen with high-gloss units and chrome or steel metal fixtures.

Paint your walls with white emulsion to let other tones stand out.

Warm White Paint Colours


Cream is a light, sandy, apricot cream

Ivory Spray

Ivory Spray is a light, creamy white greige

Smooth Cream

Smooth Cream is a light, soft, pinky cream

White Orchid

White Orchid is a light, creamy, bone white

One thing that can put people off a pure white colour in their homes is that they think any room they use it in will look a little austere. Nothing could be further from the truth with touches of yellow shades, grey and tan in the mix with whites that offer a much warmer and welcoming atmosphere.

Our Cream white paint is a good example. offering a gloss sheen finish, this wall and ceiling paint provides exceptionally warm results. It's also washable. Ivory Spray is also washable but when you view it, it isn't quite as yellow-like in tone as Cream, closer to a pure white. As such, it offers plenty of versatility.

If you are looking for a wood and metal quick-drying paint that will complement either of these two warm white tones, then we'd suggest taking a view of Smooth Cream. Ideal for wood door surrounds and skirting boards, it has a modern yet timeless look.

White interior surfaces can provide warm results in the home.

Soft White Paint Colours

Spice Ivory

Ivory honeyed golden-yellow

Cotton Tail

Crispy clean and pure white

Commercial White

Pale sepia white with an umber tint

Cushion White

Cushion White is a light, soft, pinky white

Overall, soft white paint shades work well in all domestic settings. Because they are often seen as a calming colour, they are ideal for bedrooms and bathrooms. Spice Ivory is a good case in point. This golden yellow-orange with a honey-yellow undertone shade would be great in a study where you might want to focus without distractions.

There again, Cotton Tail provides a great blank view when it is applied to walls. This clean white has no undertone but is soft and will save your eyes from strain even in sunlit-filled rooms. Commercial White has a silver-sepia-like quality to it. Despite the name, it is one of those items that is just as good when you view it in the home as in an office or another commercial setting.

Available in matt, soft sheen, mid-sheen and silk our brand of Pure Brilliant White has stood the test of time. Not only can it save external masonry from exposure to the elements but it is long-lasting as well. Inside, you can use it as a white emulsion anywhere including a quick-drying metal gloss, metal eggshell, non-drip wood paint and much more besides.

In other words, if you want a fully coordinated look from a single brand that has all paint jobs covered, you can't go wrong with our brand of Pure Brilliant White.

White ceiling and wall combinations work in most room settings.

Off-White Paint Colours with Grey Undertones

In The Cloud

Celestial warm seashell white

Antique White

Antique White is a light greige off white

Candle Shop

Silvery delicate white with purple tints

Porridge Oat

Icy lavender purple with silvery undertone

Grey provides an ideal undertone for white whether you're talking about exterior or interior applications. Our off-whites look superb with a touch of grey or silver including In The Cloud which has a light, warm, seashell hue with an ashen undertone.

Antique White and Candle Shop both have the same silver-like, greyish quality. The latter has an amethyst-like tone while Antique White has an attractive matt finish that'd be ideal for exterior masonry.

Choose off-whites with greys to set off the pure white of porcelain.

Off-White Paint Colours with Red Undertones

White Coffee

Fresh pale grey with red undertone

Sugar Soap

Clean shaded fresh off-white with a red tint

White Coffee has only a hint of red so it offers a pale, grey, fresh white appearance on first view. It is one of those whites that would suit the main walls of a reception room but it would look equally as at home in a bedroom, too. Sugar Soap, by contrast, provides a shaded, fresh off-white hue with a ruddy undertone making it suited to both accent walls and entire rooms. These off-white shades are an excellent choice for

Cool blue-white paint products offer a sophisticated look.

Off-White Paint Colours with Blue Undertones


Pale grey enchanting white


Chalky neutral delicate purple

Pacific Pearl

Pale true oyster white

Radisson and Snowbank both offer a cool white appearance that provides a grown-up, sophisticated quality. Enhance the atmosphere of a corridor, study or dining room with Radisson's misty undertone, for example. Snowbank makes use of a delicate purple to give a richness that is intricate and alluring.

Discover why green-whites are such popular paint colours to choose nowadays.

Off-White Paint Colours with Green Undertones

Ancient Starlight

Precious white tea white with green hints

Oat Biscuit

Pleasant greyish yellow white

Spun Yarn

Solemn shaded budding white with a sage tint

Garlic Clove

Pale neutral budding off-white with sage tint

To save some of the best off-white paints to last, our range of green-whites comes in several superb colour variations. Ancient Starlight has a white tea kind of finish with a farmhouse green undertone making it ideal for older properties as well as newer ones. The green hue in Oat Biscuit is complemented by touches of grey and yellow so it has a fuller tonality. Meanwhile, our Spun Yarn white paint brings a hint of sage green to the fore, giving it a very natural green-white appearance.

Choosing an Off-White Paint Colour

Whether you want a white emulsion to whitewash your entire property inside and out with a base coat or you're after a more subtle tone, Johnestone's Paint white range affords an incredible amount of choice. Check the paint you have on view is suitable for exterior applications if it will be used outside.

Equally, when painting white on metal or wood, the product's paint type should be checked. Many of our whites can be used as a metal or wood paint but others are only suited to walls and ceilings. Other than that, pick the pure white or off-white colour that most appeals to you because, with white paint, it is very hard to go wrong.

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