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Bedroom painted with a cool grey paint colour

Does your bedroom space need freshening up? Rather than reach for old favourites like blue and green, consider a contemporary grey colour scheme instead. If you’re keen to keep things simple, an all-grey palette is a great design choice. Monotone colour schemes work beautifully in a bedroom, creating a tranquil backdrop for lazy mornings and pleasant dreams. 

Light grey paint is incredibly effective at promoting a sense of serenity, making it one of the best choices for those who prefer minimalistic, clutter-free bedrooms. If you have more refined tastes, try layering many different shades of grey together. Pale grey hues are also good for making a room feel bigger, bouncing around natural light almost as easily as pure white walls and ceilings. A dark grey scheme will also work nicely alongside patterns and textured soft furnishings. 

You’re also not limited when it comes to colour combinations. Grey walls are very versatile, with this timeless neutral working with just about any hue from the colour wheel. If you’re not sure where to begin with your bedroom decorating project, using grey as your foundation is always a solid start.

Why Paint Your Bedroom Grey?

Don’t assume you’re limited to a handful of shades when decorating with grey. In fact, this colour family boasts an incredible amount of variety. While you might prefer to limit yourself to light shades when decorating your bedroom, you can also incorporate many different tones to add depth. By adding layers of grey to your bedroom walls, you’ll be able to create a more luxurious sleep space. 

Grey is also a comforting colour. As with the best neutrals, light greys and warm greys are incredibly soothing, making it easier to switch off at the end of the day. Greys are also versatile. If you don’t want to stick to an all-grey palette, you don’t have to. While greys work well alongside design staples like pure white and black, you’re free to bring in brighter and bolder shades. Try adding a pop of intense yellow or turquoise blue to your scheme when selecting soft furnishings. If you want to add warmth to a grey bedroom scheme, use blush pinks or dusky reds. 

A backdrop of grey will also work with all types of bedroom furniture. From pared-back divans and barely-there desks to ornate wooden bed frames and antique dressers, just about anything goes with a grey colour scheme.

Our 10 Favourite Grey Bedroom Paint Colours

Thinking about grey bedroom ideas? Whether you’re sticking to a single colour or want to try experimenting with multiple shades, you’ll find plenty of suitable shades in our online range. 

If your bedroom needs brightening up, try using a true white like Candle Smoke. Although this shade is relatively pared-back, it boasts some cool grey and blue undertones that make it perfect for more contemporary sleep spaces. 

If your tastes are more daring, you can also pair this grey with bright colours. Bring some intensity to your bedroom walls by accentuating those blue undertones with a dramatic teal. You can even introduce a hint of verdant green or citrus orange.

Are you searching for a grey shade that’s still warm and alluring? A paint colour like Snow Storm should fit the bill nicely. Technically a pale mauve, this stylish shade has all the versatility of grey, with the added elegance of purple

It’s light enough that you can use it to decorate your entire bedroom. However, this paint colour really comes alive when paired with complementary shades like lilac and lavender. If you want to make a more dramatic design statement, think about using berry hues or jewel tones as accent colours.

If you’re looking for a versatile grey that can be put to use in any bedroom, Moon Lily is a terrific choice. This enchanting hue has a misty quality that makes it a dream addition to any sleep space. There’s also a hint of purple here, bringing undeniable warmth to any bedroom interior. 

As it’s a fairly complex colour, this shade is all you need to decorate an entire bedroom. If you want to introduce more colours to your scheme, turn to those purple undertones for your inspiration. 

Purple-infused greys are always a good choice for refreshing a bedroom. Subtle enough that they can be used in contemporary spaces, they also pack a warm intensity that will make your bedroom feel cosy and welcoming. If you’re looking for a gorgeous grey with subdued notes of lavender, make Magical Moonlight your first port of call. 

You can streamline your colour scheme by using this as your signature shade. If you want to add more layers of colour to your bedroom, try using more intense purples for feature walls. When furnishing your space, keep blush tones in mind when selecting soft furnishings.

Considering a luxurious bedroom refresh? A neutral grey enriched with enchanting amethyst is the way to go. Diamond Jubilee is a majestic addition to our collection and makes a superb addition to any bedroom. 

In a master bedroom, this beautiful shade works incredibly well on its own. It looks great alongside dark woods and natural materials, but will also serve as a stylish backdrop for more contemporary furniture pieces. 

Do you want to use a darker grey to create drama in a larger bedroom? An intense grey like Wing Commander is a suitable candidate. Enriched with deliciously deep orchid blue notes, this eye-catching grey is the only choice when you’re out to make a statement. 

Even if your bedroom is too small to use this as a primary colour, you can still have fun with it. Use it for a feature wall, then balance out your colour scheme with a cool-toned neutral like icy white.

If you’re a fan of dramatic colour schemes and contemporary design touches, a warm grey like Summer Shadow will serve as a fine foundation for your bedroom decorating project. Despite being a fairly dark chalkboard grey, this shade is remarkably warm. 

It works wonderfully in larger rooms, but even a small bedroom can benefit from a coat or two of this colour. Use a lighter tone to decorate the majority of your space, then reach for this for an unforgettable feature wall. For added impact, you can even introduce splashes of vibrant orange or lemon yellow.

If your sole focus is creating a sleep-friendly space, use a moody grey like Coast Of Maine to get things started. This twilight shade is equal parts grey and blue, although there’s also a hint of lavender here. The result is a paint colour that’s both soothing and refined. 

You can make your bedroom even more tranquil by selecting the right soft furnishings. Delicate linens and off-white upholstery will look perfect against a backdrop of this beautiful bluish-grey.

Intense grey can work just as well as a pale shade in the bedroom. If you’re looking for a grey paint colour to add drama to your space, Wet Weekend will impress. Along with its deep grey properties, this paint colour has a backbone of indigo blue. 

If you’re thinking about a feature wall to frame your headboard, it’s an obvious choice. However, you can also use it throughout your bedroom. For a more harmonious interior, try pairing it with lighter greys with cool undertones. 

Some grey paint colours are subtle, while others make an instant impression. Rough Ride falls into the latter category. This thunderstorm grey has a cool character, but its saturated tone makes it the perfect choice for feature walls. 

In a larger bedroom, try pairing it with lighter grey tones enriched with blush undertones. This way, you’ll be able to enjoy the contemporary appeal of grey, without having to forgo the warm and welcoming quality every bedroom needs. 

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