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A green feature ceiling alongside green walls often looks refreshing.

Green is an excellent choice in any room where a feeling of nature and lush verdancy would be desirable.

Green wall paint can be vibrant, muted or lustrous. Greens afford a sense of life and create a natural feeling when you find the perfect shade. Whether you use it as trim, ceiling paint or on your walls, green is a colour you cannot forget, usually serving as an inspiration for the rest of the décor. Which green paint should you save into your basket to deliver the desired effect? Read on to find out.

All Green Paint Colours

Discover why green paint has become such a fashionable colour these days for almost any room. Not only can you match it with neutral colours quite easily if you use green as a feature wall, but you can also find excellent greens for ceiling paint or to simply paint a door.

Not every shade of green will suit every situation, however. It is important to consider which sort of shades from our stock are suited to different rooms and applications. Find out more about our tips for green paint before you decide whether light or dark tones would be best in your home. Only then should you add a particular finish or colour to your basket, safe in the knowledge that you have made an informed buying decision.

Our Favourite Green Paint Colours of 2024

Aquamarine Dream

Aquatic neutral billiard green

Boulder Lichen

Dignified neutral glass bottle green

Night Watch

Nocturnal greyish dark jade aqua-green

Lime Swirl

Soft midtone crisp clover green

To begin with, it will be a good idea to take a deeper dive into the sort of green paint colours that are on-trend today. It doesn't matter whether you end up feeling a sense of inspiration from any of these, however, because you may well prefer to save other shades in your basket. Even so, it is still often helpful to examine some of the trendiest greens to understand why they're so popular.

A good case in point is Aquamarine Dream. This mid-tone green paint is very versatile and would suit a bedroom just as much as a living space. A billiard green with an azure undertone, it would even suit a games room. Boulder Lichen, by contrast, provides a glass bottle green tonality with a vine-like undertone. It'd be perfect in a bathroom or shower room.

Night Watch is different again. Save this dark green paint for an impressive feature wall or in truly grown-up spaces where you want your paint to create a sense of jade-like aqua-green sophistication. This shades works beautifully with lighter greys.

Add an exterior green paint to your basket for a verdant feeling.

Light Green Paint Colours


Jade is a light, minty, teal green

Spring Rosemary

Spring Rosemary is a mid, dusty, aqua green

Botanical Retreat

Botanical Retreat is a mid dusty aqua


Light muted granny smith green

If you are unsure about using a vibrant green on your walls, then opt for light greens to begin with as you adjust your home's colour palette. Jade is a superb light green shade with a matt finish. It can be used as an interior bathroom paint.

When painting sheds, fences and weatherboarding, a light tone like Spring Rosemary or Botanical Retreat would be ideal choices from our extensive stock. Both offer sumptuous, if subtle tones, and help to protect wood.

Dark green shades provide depth and a soothing effect in many cases.

Dark Green Paint Colours

Forest Green

Forest Green is a dark pine forest green

Ivy Sky

Ivy Sky is a dark jade and turquoise green

Forest Stroll

Forest Stroll is a mid, muted, viridian, forest green


Deep subdued emerald aqua-green

Another outdoor wood paint worth considering is Forest Green. This dark green subtly sits in the background, especially when it is sited next to evergreen plants. Indoors, our dark green paints are no less impressive. Choose Ivy Sky if you want a deep green for a feature wall. There again, Forest Stroll comes in washable and anti-bacterial versions, ideal for any food preparation space such as being used as a kitchen wall paint.

A dark, shaded and verdant green, Midnight Clover comes with a teal undertone that would look vibrant on any wall. Ideal for home offices or guest bedrooms that double up as studies, this thoughtful hue matches well with gold trim and pure whites in equal measure. Create a serious space with a sense of nature with this delightful, green paint.

Pair Midnight Clover with flooring and beams made of wood as well as woven basket textures.

Sage Green Paint Colours

Natural Sage

Natural sage green with avocado tint

Gentle Willow

Gentle Willow is a mid, muted, grey, sage green

Dusty Fern

Dusty Fern is a dark, muted, grey, sage green

Antique Sage

Antique Sage is a light, muted, minty, sage green

Sage green walls evoke nature and add warmth. Natural Sage is a good colour if you want to coordinate green tones inside and out since it is an external masonry paint as well as an interior wall and ceiling paint. You can also obtain it as a wood and metal paint that offers a quick-drying, smooth finish.

There again, Gentle Willow is a green paint that is ideal for external applications. It is a part of our Woodcare Garden Colours range. Dusty Fern also belongs to the same range and is one of those greens that has a subtle touch of grey about it.

Create a Mediterranean look in your room with our range of olive green paint.

Olive Green Paint Colours


Amphibious is a dark moss green

Ripe Olive

Ripe Olive is a mid, khaki beige with a touch of olive


Hemlock is a mid, muted, grey, sage green

In The Dale

Electrifying muted chartreuse green

A superb olive green wall paint, Amphibious would serve as an inspiration in a guest bedroom or master bedroom in equal measure. It is available in matt and soft-sheen finishes. By contrast, Ripe Olive is designed for external use. This green can be bought as a 15-year masonry paint for long-lasting coverage.

If you want a wall paint for a kitchen or reception room, as opposed to one of your bedrooms, then how about Hemlock? It is a colour that is deeply verdant without being too demanding on the eye.

Grey Green Paint Colours

Dry Grass

Delicious greyish lush green


Relaxed spring green with a pistachio tint

Pale Pine

Light spring green with a pistachio tint

Birch Forest

Saturated verdant green with teal tints

Any grey-green colour you could choose for your room would strike a balance between inspiration and subtlety. A green wall paint colour like Dry Grass, for instance, offers a restful mid-tone, grey-green that is lush thanks to an organic green undertone.

Modesty, on the other hand, is a green that has a soft, spring-like quality with a pistachio undertone. It is a colour that can be used in any room or outside as you see fit. Pale Pine also has a pistachio undertone but is a colour that offers a slightly lighter hue. Great with soft blue tones.

Discover why muted greens evoke nature and life in any space they're used.

Muted Green Paint Colours

Pine Thicket

Deep peacock green with a hint of seafoam

Golden Grass

Deep muted chartreuse green

Derby Green

Energising green with a hint of seafoam

St. Augustine

Soft subdued pasture minty green

Muted green colour choices like Pine Thicket or Derby Green also offer inspiration without overdoing things. Both have a peacock-green tonality with a seafoam undertone. The main difference is that Derby Green is saturated whereas Pine Thicket is not.

A muted, chartreuse green paint with an electric green undertone, Golden Grass should be paired with a yellow colour or splashes of floral accents. It is ideal for the main wall in any room but would be particularly suited to a reception room.

Warm Green Paint Colours


Delicious neutral grassy and foliage green

Duck Pond

Clean subdued toad green with an ivy tint

Looking for a warm colour for your room? If so, the saturated yet neutral, grassy green shade of Tapenade - along with its foliage undertone - is likely to be for you. There again, how about Duck Pond which pairs well with off-yellow and tan hues? It offers a soothing toad green colour with an impressively fresh ivy undertone. This shade would be outstanding as a shed or fence paint.

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