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Grey paint sets off white walls and wood-style floors superbly well.

The neutrality of grey paint means it will work with the interior décor style of nearly every room.

Although grey is one colour it comes in numerous shades, from cool grey-greens to subtle light greys, like brown, it can add warmth without being too much of a demanding colour on the eye. Many people view it as the perfect colour to create a welcoming ambience in homes and workplaces.

All Grey Paint Colours

When you shop for grey paint, it is important to focus on the things that most matter to you when decorating. Although satin finishes with grey paint products might be the priority for some, others will want to save grey matt emulsion in their basket before making a purchase, for example. There again, some people will want to find products suited to certain rooms, such as washable grey paint for a kitchen.

Other items that might be on your checklist when choosing grey paint might be whether it needs an undercoat or is a metal paint that you can use on metal radiators and so on. In other words, the neutral tones of grey aren't the only considerations because there are other features that are just as important to find out about.

We'll cover much of this but, first, let's turn to some of the most on-trend grey shades you could choose today.

Choose popular grey tones from our range and transform your home.

Our Favourite Grey Paint Colours of 2023

Steel Mill
Rocky midtone cool true grey
Summer Shadow
Warm deep chalkboard grey
Steel Smoke
Steel Smoke is a dark cool grey with a hint of blue
Sea Floor
Noble neutral Caribbean aqua

One of the trendiest dark grey paints you could paint on your walls is Summer Shadow. This product has a deep, cool, chalkboard appearance combined with a moody undertone. Great for a feature wall, it pairs well with light greys or neutral shades so people tend to use it in just one or two settings in their homes at most.

Alternatively, how about Steel Mill? It constitutes a mid-tone, cool, true grey that benefits from a black undertone and works well whether it is set against white trim or stronger hues, such as yellow. Available as a wood or metal paint as well as a quick-drying gloss, Steel Smoke can also be applied to ceilings and walls, good for a uniform look. It comes in matt, soft sheen and silk finishes, providing a neutral base colour within your interior design palette.

Light greys often afford a smooth finish and look great with grey furniture.

Light Grey Paint Colours

Moonlit Sky
Moonlit Sky is a mid, cool, violet grey
Tin Soldier
Slight neutral arctic blue
Venice Grey
Venice Grey is a mid, neutral, cloudy grey
Summer Storm
Summer Stone is a mid lead grey

Many people choose light grey paint for their basket of purchases because they like the smooth appearance they offer in any room. If you paint your walls with Moonlit Sky, for instance, you will find it can transform your home. It is ideal for kitchens since it is washable and often only requires one coat.

Venice Grey and Summer Storm would also suit a kitchen wall. The finishes on offer range from matt to silk and mid or soft sheens. You can use them on ceilings or walls throughout the home.

dark grey window frame

Dark Grey Paint Colours

Urban Sky
Urban Sky is a dark graphite cool grey
Ink Bottle
Fierce cool lead grey
Cloudy Grey
Cloudy Grey is a mid, cool, graphite grey
Moher Slate
Moher Slate is a dark, cool, charcoal grey

Dark grey is more appealing and often less oppressive when you discover how professional interior designers use it, often sparingly and alongside white trim. Urban Sky and Moher Slate are great examples of dark grey paint that would look great in any room.

Cloudy Grey is a darker colour that deserves a special mention, too. This product has been specially formulated to cover almost any surface without any preparation.

Cloudy Grey is part of our Chalky White Furniture range. This means the product will save you time because it requires almost no preparation. Many people discover that it doesn't just save time but saves effort, too, because it can be applied very evenly without any hassle. A darker shade with a matt finish, it is suited to both exteriors and interiors.

Blue-greys are ideal in kitchens, bathrooms and home offices, too.

Blue Grey Paint Colours

Manhattan Grey
Manhattan Grey is a mid cool grey
Shadow Slate
Shadow Slate is a dark, navy, slate grey
Pale Grey
Pale Grey is a mid, neutral, foggy grey
Sea Frost
Pale grey arctic blue with a twilight tint

Any room refresh would benefit from Manhattan Grey. This one-coat paint will save time while also offering anti-microbial properties, something that means it is a go-to product for kitchens. It is available in several different size choices, too.

Shadow Slate has a lovely blueish appearance which can be used to update kitchen cabinets and doors. Useful for bathroom redecoration projects, too, it has a matt finish. Pale Grey, by contrast, has a satin sheen finish and can be used to update both cupboard doors and tiling. This shade matches well with vibrant greens and blue shades.

Shop for green-grey paint if you want a sophisticated look in your room.

Green Grey Paint Colours

Mostly Metal
Dark cool menacing black
Elephant Parade
Overwhelming cool thunderstorm grey
Light Drizzle
Gentle greyish toad green
Silent Storm
Fresh greyish mint green

Our range of greeny-grey paints can be an inspiration in any home setting from new builds to traditional properties. Mostly Metal has a dark yet verdant undertone. Meanwhile. Thunderbolt is a saturated, cool, thunderstorm-grey colour with an algae undertone. It deserves to be paired with something eye-catching like gold trim although, in fairness, it also looks good with any other metal.

Warm greys have a middling tonality that works well with greens and can change a reception room completely.

Warm Grey Paint Colours

Grey Shadows
Shaded warm sandy grey with brick tints
Go To Grey
Pale warm icy grey
Free Reign
Light icy grey with a warm mulberry tint
Hikers Paradise
Activating modern greige with neutral shade

It is easy to see why warm grey tends to be favoured in both living room and dining room settings because they offer a degree of comfort. Grey Shadows, for example, is a sandy grey with a brick undertone that would also look good in a study.

On the other hand, discover why Free Reign's attractive mulberry undertone makes it good for bathrooms and utility rooms as well as reception rooms. Go To Grey also has the same undertone but possesses a slightly paler appearance. All three of these warm colour choices would look great paired with white paint colours.

Mid-Grey Paint Colours

Pigeon Feather
Smokey cool stormy grey
Midtone grey indigo blue
Village Steeple
Soft cloudy grey with slate dashes
Gusty grey enchanting purple

Perfect for an inviting spare room, mid-greys strike a sophisticated balance between dark and light. A paint colour like Pigeon Feather really says it all. This mid-grey offers a smokey undertone and would form a great background colour for displaying wall-mounted art or photos.

There again, Pachyderm offers a touch of blue thanks to its touch of dark indigo that combines perfectly with its cobalt undertone. Pair it with fizzy lemon yellows if you really want to turn the page on your interior design ambitions.

Soft Grey Paint Colours

Cloudy Day
Cloudy Day is a light, warm, foggy grey
Shining Scale
Shining veiled grey with heather tint
Ashford Grey
Ashford Grey is a mid warm greige grey
Subtle Stone
Sutble Stone is a mid cloudy grey

Cloudy Day is a charming soft grey product that will provide a memorable look when used on the outside of your home. A durable masonry paint, you can apply it and carry on enjoying its tonal qualities for up to 15 years without having to worry.

Subtle Stone is a slightly darker soft grey that is also an exterior masonry paint. However, this colour can also be used as a one-coat interior product. As such, it is good if you want the inside and outside of your property to coordinate with one another. Try Ashford Grey if you prefer a satin sheen finish while still enjoying a soft grey appearance.

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