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Living room with a earthy brown wall

It can be hard to make a space feel warm and inviting. When it comes to modern interiors with clean lines and sharp architectural details, picking out the palette can prove a real challenge. Thankfully, earthy tones are on hand to make your life easier.

With pigments inspired by the natural world, earth tones can instantly transform the atmosphere of a room. An earthy colour palette can transform a bare living room into a relaxing sanctuary. However, earthy shades can also enhance a space. A combination of terracotta tones with a more intense colour can bring the soothing quality you’re after, but still deliver big when it comes to visual interest. 

Whether you’re looking to overhaul your entire home with a neutral palette or you’re searching for the perfect accent shade, Johnstone’s has something for everyone. Explore our full range today to find an earth tone that will look right at home in your interiors.

Seven Stylish Earthy Paint Colours

Eager to use earthy tones to create an interior you can be proud of? Below are just a handful of the earthy tones in our extensive selection. 

Whether you’re looking for a dream shade for a front door or need the perfect colour for a living room overhaul, El Capitan should deliver what you’re after. This mid-tone beige is rich and alluring, giving bare walls brilliant depth. What’s more, dusty pink undertones make this a particularly warm tone to work with. If your interiors are lacking in natural light and you’re relying on lamps to illuminate your rooms, this paint colour is the way to go.

Although it’s a fair bit darker than the neutrals you might be used to, this earthy paint colour is still easy to work with. You can pair it with chalky hues and off-white shades for a fuss-free makeover. Alternatively, use the pink undertones as guidance when selecting accent colours.

If you’d rather move away from grey-inspired tones, try using something like Earthy Ocher instead. This clay beige is ideal if you want to create a grounded and harmonious space. Because of its khaki undertones, this stunning paint colour works well with wood tones and other organic accents.

You can stick to this and a second colour to complete your interior makeover. However, it might be worth experimenting with a few different shades to enhance those natural undertones. A hint of yellow or splash of green will enhance the clay and khaki character of this paint colour. 

In a contemporary interior, it’s a good idea to use a more intense earthy tone to make a statement. Elm Branch will work a treat in any modern home that’s calling out for a new coat of paint. This earthy beige shares a lot of characteristics with grey, but there’s more than a touch of dusty pink here that makes it an incredibly warm choice. 

Thinking about redecorating a living room? This paint colour will work well in high-ceilinged spaces or more contemporary open-plan layouts. It’s also very easy to coordinate with. When choosing secondary colours and room accents, take your style notes from the pink undertones. When it comes to furniture, you’re free to use everything from crisp white pieces to antique designs made from aged oak. 

If you’re prepared to go with something darker, a deep and intense earthy shade like Leather Apron might work well. A richer, more refined beige, this paint colour is incredibly effective at turning a bare space into a warm and inviting sanctuary. While it’s fairly dark, it does come with pink undertones, providing added warmth that can be readily accentuated with the soft furnishings and room decoration. 

If you’d like to experiment with this colour but don’t think your space is large enough, balance things out with a soft neutral paint colour. Other earthy tones will work well alongside it, but you can play it safe with a muted greige.

Are you thinking about redecorating a bedroom? Perhaps your living room decor needs a serious rethink. An earthy shade like Iris Mauve will uplift any room of the home. It’s an inspired choice if you’re searching for a shade with plenty of warmth. This earthy orange paint will make a gorgeous addition to the rooms you use the most, while a dusty pink tint brings added elegance. 

This stylish shade works well on its own. However, it will also prove effective when balanced out with other citrus-infused earthy tones. If you’re not averse to more daring colour combinations, think about using tangerine-infused hues or metallics like copper. 

A deep earthy shade can work wonders in a smaller space. Rooms like studies and dining spaces benefit particularly well from an earthy image overhaul. Woodchuck is a good choice for either space, with this deep orange bringing drama and intensity. What’s more, a hint of dusty pink will bring even more warmth to your interior. 

Worried you won’t be able to decorate with this paint colour in a smaller room? If natural light is a problem, simply incorporate it into a tonal decorating scheme. You can pair it with something much lighter or balance it out with khaki-inspired shade instead. 

If it’s intensity that you’re looking for, Red Clay is probably going to appeal to you. This earthy orange makes a lasting impression. It can be used as a statement colour in any room, so consider reaching for it if you’re dreaming of a feature wall. Although a rich and saturated choice, it should not overwhelm a space if you balance things out with a softer earthy paint colour. 

Choosing the right accent colour is simple. As with many of our earthy paint colours, this shade is enriched with a hint of pink. Use jewel tones or blush colours to up the colour temperature of your interior even more. 

Where Do Earthy Paint Colours Excel?

The appeal of earthy paint colours is that you can use them more or less anywhere. They have the same versatility as neutral colours, but their richer colour profile means you’re not limited to off-whites or barely-there greys. 

As they create a warm and welcoming ambience, they’re an easy pick for bedrooms. A beautifully balanced palette of earthy tones will help you drift off at the end of a busy day. They’re also ideal for living spaces. You can enrich a laid-back lounge with an assortment of earthy tones, while textured soft furnishes and natural materials can elevate things further. 

Do you work from home? An earthy palette is perfect for giving your study a professional-looking makeover. As well as being stylish, earthy shades can help you focus and promote productivity. 

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