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pastel yellow wall with flowers

Yellow paint is often thought to be a bold colour choice but it can be deployed subtly in any room to match with the existing décor or to create a much brighter space.

Whether you are into Van Gogh-style strong yellows or you'd prefer a light yellow paint tone from within our extensive range, there can be little doubt that yellow will brighten any space. Various shades of yellow look good on a ceiling or offer inspiration in cold spaces that need a little sense of sunshine to make them feel brighter. With so much choice in the range - from ochre-yellows to orange-yellows and much more besides - there is plenty of choice to pick from when decorating your home.

All Yellow Paint Colours

From subtle cream tones through to bold yellows that create instant sunshine in the home, yellow paint can be deployed in many different ways. Many people make a tough job of choosing yellow because they so often think of it as a primary colour. However, you can choose yellows that will deliver brightness on the walls of any room of the home that will make you happy without bringing too much intensity.

Indeed, one yellow wall as an accent in a living room, bedroom or kitchen will work even if you opt for a light tone. With shades to suit every home, large or small, which yellow paint will be the best colour for you? Read on to discover more about yellow paint. Browse our selection before you add the perfect shade for your home to your basket.

Our Favourite Yellow Paint Colours of 2023

Tan Your Hide
Deep muted sunny citrus and mustard yellow
Ochre Dreams
Ochre Dreams is a dark, deep, golden, mustard yellow
Yellow Diamond
Yellow Diamond is a mid, bright, saffron yellow
Treasure Chest
Yummy subdued budding yellow with a sage tint

Firstly, yellow is a trending colour for homes these days. If you want to discover which sunny shades are offering the most inspiration at the moment, then we'd recommend looking at Down to Earth initially. It has muted tones suited to a bedroom that will add a touch of sophistication and relaxation any time it is used.

For a bolder look, try Yellow Diamond, a bright wall and ceiling paint that has a shimmering silk finish. Equally as bold is Ochre Dreams, ideal for those looking for kitchen paints because it has a matt finish that is great on cabinet doors and so on.

Light yellow paint works well on woodwork, in nurseries and even as bedroom ceiling coverings.

Pale Yellow Paint Colours

Lemon Daze
Lemon Daze is a light pastel yellow
Vanilla Burst
Vanilla Burst is a light, pale, pastel, butter yellow
White Chip
Crispy sun-kissed yellow with lemon tint
Shiny Silk
Silky sun-kissed yellow with a hint of lemon

Lemon Daze and Vanilla Burst are shades that will bring happiness in any situation. They have a matt finish and can be used in any room. Ideal for kitchens - Vanilla Burst is washable, for example - these paints are good anywhere utensils or tools will be in use and spillages may occur. White Chip, by contrast, offers a light cream appearance with a subtle citrus fruit undertone.

deep blue and muted mustard bedroom

Mustard Yellow Paint Colours

Warming Rays
Warming Rays is a dark, saffron, mustard yellow
More Maple
Saturated sunny citrus and mustard yellow
Spinning Wheel
Glowing citrus yellow with mustard dashes
Italian Saffron
Precious bright sun-soaked yellow

Nowhere in the terms and conditions of the interior designer's handbook does it say that you can't use mustard yellow to paint a room. Warming Rays is the perfect example of a mustard yellow that will provide true inspiration for the rest of your interior design.

As a base colour on a door or on the room's walls, its matt finish will look elegant in any space. If you want a saturated yet muted, sunny citrus yellow with a mustard undertone, then More Maple is for you.

Find the time to check out New Linen, a delightful sunny citrus yellow with a mustard-yellow undertone that is pale and yet bright simultaneously. As a cream-yellow paint, this colour is light in tone but still adds what you want from a yellow shade - that sense of bringing the sunshine indoors.

Pastel yellow paint will suit virtually any setting and brighten it instantly.

Pastel Yellow Paint Colours

Soft Buttercup
Soft Buttercup is a mid, fresh, golden, butter yellow,
Buttercup Grotto
Appealing soft pastel citrus yellow
Gentle Glow
Light yet bright sunflower yellow
Barely Butter
Buttery soft sun-soaked dandelion yellow

Ideal for those looking for shed or fence paints and waterboarding, Soft Buttercups is a pastel yellow paint that is designed for exterior use. It's part of our woodcare garden colours range. Buttercup Grotto is for indoor use. This colour offers a citrus hue with a mustard-yellow undertone.

yellow dining room wall

Bright Yellow Paint Colours

Light Butter
Dreamy midtone sunflower yellow
Banana Grove
Bright glowing sunflower yellow
Dashing pure sunflower yellow with a glow
Fresh Lemonade
Poppy pure glowing firefly yellow-green

Given it is a bright yellow, Light Butter still affords a sense of subtlety. This makes it a good option if you find that going too bright can make a room seem hemmed in. That said, some people like to use bright colours as tools to give their interior decoration pure citrus zinginess. Banana Grove and Flirtatious certainly provide all of the colour depth you could wish for from a yellow. Both are evocative of sunflowers and bright, seemingly endless days in summer. Pair this with neutral paint colours for a refined, and modern look.

Walls look sophisticated and can be an inspiration when you find the perfect shade of darker yellow.

Dark Yellow Paint Colours

Toffee Pudding
Autumnal sunny citrus yellow with mustard
Mecca Gold
Dark mustard yellowish brown
Dijon Mustard
Vivid subdued camo yellow with an olive tint
Bleached Maple
Woody muted sun-soaked yellow

With a muted, sunny citrus-like appearance, Toffee Pudding offers visual warmth and a sense of contentment. Dijon Mustard, by contrast, has a natural appearance like a wicker basket with subdued hues and an olive green undertone. There again, Mecca Gold offers a great deal of brightness despite being a darker yellow. Pair it with deep natural wood colours like mahogany, for instance.

Brighter than other paint options you can discover in the range, warm yellow adds the sunshine to interiors.

Warm Yellow Paint Colours

Splash Of Honey
Midtone muted golden honey-yellow
Faint Fawn
Playful muted sun-soaked yellow
Honey Bunny
Soft sepia yellow with umber tints
Lavender Honey
Sun-kissed citrus yellow with mustard tint

If you want a warm colour for your home, then yellow will always be one of the best tools in your armoury. As a mid-tone colour with a muted, golden-yellow appearance, Splash of Honey comes with a delightful honey-yellow undertone.

Faint Fawn is also a mid-tone yellow colour with a pretty dandelion undertone. This would be good in a dining room or to brighten a study. Another colour paint that offers mid-yellow warmth is Honey Bunny. This is a softer, more subdued, sepia colour with an umber undertone making it good for a door, a kitchen wall or a laundry room.

Lemon Yellow Paint Colours

Primrose Meadow
Hearty pure zesty mustard yellow
Yellow Sunbath
Midtone zesty mustard yellow
Citrus Punch
Soft citrus yellow with sunflower tint
Shower Of Sparks
Creamy soft zesty mustard yellow

The most citrus-like of any of the yellow colour combinations, lemon yellows often look their best when paired with a white trim. This is certainly the case with Primrose Meadow, a lemony yellow which has a Dijon undertone to take the edge off the pure zestiness.

Yellow Sunbath and Citrus Punch both offer strong alternatives. Citrus Punch is a saturated, glow stick yellow while Yellow Sunbath is a mid-tone, pure, zest yellow paint that would suit many reception rooms.

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