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Combine paint colours with confidence

Selecting paint colours for your room may be an easy decision, but knowing which other colours to use to create the perfect colour scheme can sometimes be a little confusing. To help make combining paint colours easier we have created paint colour schemes that include some of your favourite Johnstone's paint colours.

Living Room Paint Colour Combinations

modern blue and white living room

Vintage Denim

Vintage Denim is a beautiful shade of blue that falls within the navy blue colour family. It's a rich and dark tone that exudes sophistication and depth. What sets Vintage Denim apart from other navy blues is its unique cornflower blue undertone. It softens the intensity of the navy blue, creating a more muted, subdued shade that is both calming and welcoming.

Vintage Denim is a versatile colour that complements a wide range of styles and aesthetics. It pairs beautifully with neutrals like white, beige, and grey, adding depth and richness to the overall colour scheme. It also works well with other blues and greens, creating a cohesive and harmonious palette.

Featured Shades

Chapel Stone

Chapel Stone is a mid, greige, dusty mauve

Midnight Sapphire

Midnight Sapphire is a dark navy blue with black

New Duck Egg

New Duck Egg is a mid duck egg blue with a touch of aqua jade

Vintage Denim

Vintage Denim is a dark, muted, cornflower, navy blue

White Lace

White Lace is a light, soft, ivory white

Bedroom Paint Colour Combinations

soft neutral bedroom colour scheme

Antique White

Antique White is a charming and timeless shade that falls within the off-white colour family. One of the defining characteristics of Antique White is its unique greige undertone, which is a blend of grey and beige. This undertone gives the colour a subtle hint of warmth and depth, making it a versatile and classic choice that pairs well with a variety of different colour schemes.

Antique White's light and delicate appearance makes it an excellent option for creating a serene and calming atmosphere in any space. It's a popular choice for use in bedrooms, bathrooms, and living areas, where a cozy and comfortable ambiance is desired.

Featured Neutral Shades

Antique White

Antique White is a light greige off white

Ballet Slipper

Ballet Slipper is a mid, dusty, mauve pink

China Clay

China Clay is a light warm greige

Sumer Storm

Venice Grey

Venice Grey is a mid, neutral, cloudy grey

Kitchen Paint Colour Combinations

Natural Sage

Natural Sage is a delightful shade of green that belongs to the sage green colour family. It is a mid-toned colour with a muted appearance that exudes a sense of calmness, balance, and harmony. This colour is a popular choice for interior design due to its versatility and timeless appeal.

One of the most defining features of Natural Sage is its touch of grey, which softens the intensity of the green, creating a more muted and subdued shade that is both soothing and inviting.

Natural Sage pairs beautifully with other earthy tones like beige, cream, and brown. It also works well with complementary colours like coral, pink, and lavender, creating an eye-catching contrast.

Warm Neutral Tones

Antique Cream

Antique Cream is a light, soft, pale, pinky cream

Chapel Stone

Chapel Stone is a mid, greige, dusty mauve


Hemlock is a mid, muted, grey, sage green

Hallway Paint Colour Combinations

Modern grey and white hallway

Manhattan Grey

Manhattan Grey is a stylish and sophisticated shade of grey with an understated appearance that exudes a sense of confidence and modernity. One of the defining characteristics of Manhattan Grey is its cool undertone, which gives the colour a subtle touch of blue. This undertone creates a fresh and contemporary look that is ideal for modern and minimalist decor styles. The mid-tone of Manhattan Grey makes it a versatile colour that works well in a variety of settings and colour schemes.

Manhattan Grey is often used in home decor to create a calming and relaxing atmosphere in living rooms, bedrooms, and bathrooms. Its cool and understated appearance can be paired with a variety of accent colours, such as soft pastels or bold, bright hues, to create a striking and dynamic colour scheme.

Vibrant Colour Combination

Crushed Pineapple

Crushed Pineapple is a mid, sunflower, mustard yellow

Ivory Spray

Ivory Spray is a light, creamy white greige

Frosted Silver

Frosted Silver is a light, cool, blue grey

Manhattan Grey

Manhattan Grey is a mid cool grey
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