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Wall painted in a deep blue paint

Blue paint provides a calming sense of serenity in many homes but can also add intensity or provide cooling in equal measure.

From light blueish-greys to deep, dark blues this primary colour can alter the mood of a room whether it is used as a ceiling and walls paint. Like other colours that are primary, blue makes a bold, vibrant statement wherever it is used. Ideal for children's bedrooms, it can also be used to great effect in living rooms and dining rooms so don't forget to consider it for all parts of the home.

All Blue Paint Colours

Often used in bathrooms because it can evoke the sea or a deep pool of water, blue paint can divide opinions somewhat. Often seen as cooling it can create a sense that it lacks warmth to some. However, if you also think of a clear blue sky day, then this association isn't always spot on. Of course, grey-blues and purple tones can have a cooling effect when they are on view but there is no need to use blue on your walls this way unless you want to.

In short, blue can be bright, vivid, easy on the eye and provide an inspiration. It can suit small rooms, kitchens, reception rooms and outdoor woodwork in equal measure. Find out why this colour is increasingly used in the home and explore why it might shift your current perception of it as an interior décor choice.

Blue with white trim looks good even when there is natural wood in the room.

Our Favourite Blue Paint Colours for 2024

Vining Ivy

Deep shaded turquoise Caribbean aqua

Wing Commander

Dark grey orchid blue


Nocturnal grey stormy blue

Dream Of Flying

Shining light pure breezy bay blue

Our tips for the most on-trend blues for the home this year include three sumptuous shades. A deep Caribbean aqua with a turquoise undertone, Vining Ivy works well with wooden floors and furniture in any living space. If you are after a sophisticated grey-blue tone, then opt for Wing Commander which provides a delicate violet undertone.

For a feature wall, we would suggest that you can create the right look with Nightcap. Add this saturated, stormy blue paint to your basket if you want a deep navy undertone. Many will find that Nightcap is a great exterior paint, too.

Light Blue Paint Colours

Island Breeze

Island Breeze is a mid, bright, aqua, sky blue

Wild Bluebell

Wild Bluebell is a light, pastel, muted, wedgewood blue

Dynasty China

Dynasty China is a mid, clean, cornflower blue


Pale and pure crystal lake blue

Island Breeze may be a light blue paint but it is also bright in tone. Easy to apply as a bathroom paint, this colour has a balance mid-sheen finish. There again, you might want to bring a strong matt emulsion finish to your room instead. If so, check out Dynasty China which is good for walls and ceilings. It comes in silk emulsion and soft sheen finishes, too.

Wild Bluebell is a light blue colour that looks beautiful outside. Paint your fence, shed or wooden furniture with it for protection and a superb tonality. Pair this with subtle off white shades for a soothing vibe.

Find inspiration with our range of light blue paint products.

Dark Blue Paint Colours

Midnight Sapphire

Midnight Sapphire is a dark navy blue with black

Daring Indigo

Dark muted indigo blue-purple

Regatta Bay

Dark neutral indigo blue with cobalt tints

Blue Paisley

Deep breezy bay blue with a twilight dash

Dark blue looks great on walls, especially when it doesn't dominate a room. Feature walls painted with Midnight Sapphire are a good case in point. This dark blue paint comes in matt and soft sheen finishes and has an almost grey-black tonality among the blue.

There again, Daring Indigo offers a wisteria undertone mixed with a blueberry blue-purple that pairs well with tan and neutrals if you want to find a coordinating colour for your palette. Regatta Bay, by contrast, is an indigo blue with a cobalt undertone, offering lots of inspiration and neutrality at the same time.

Vintage Denim turns the page on what interior blue paint can offer today. It is an interior washable paint that is good for bathrooms but it is also available in an anti-bacterial version so it also suits kitchens and nurseries. As a satin paint, it can also be applied to wood or metal with a quick-drying effect so it is highly versatile.

Vintage Denim is one of those shades that would suit any room.

Navy Blue Paint Colours


Twilight is a dark, muted, midnight blue

Admiral Blue

Admiral Blue is a dark and rich navy blue

Shimmering Sea

Dark subdued navy stormy blue

Dark Summit

Deep shaded navy stormy night blue

Unsure which navy blue paint to choose from our range of shades? How about Twilight which would look calm in any space? There again, perhaps Admiral Blue with its attractive gloss sheen finish is more to your liking? Many people also find they like Shimmering Sea thanks to its subdued, stormy blue appearance. Pair it with gold trim for a strident look on the walls of your guest bedrooms.

Duck Egg blues create soothing environment. Ideal for any dining space.

Duck Egg Blue Paint Colours

New Duck Egg

New Duck Egg is a mid duck egg blue with a touch of aqua jade

Vintage Duck Egg

Vintage Duck Egg is a mid, muted, cool grey, duck egg blue

Available in matt, silk and soft-sheen finishes, New Duck Egg will create a strong look that isn't overpowering or dull. Vintage Duck Egg is a blue that can be used on wood and metal as well as on walls. It's particularly suited to kitchens and kitchen-diners.

Explore pastel blues if you are unsure which hues would work well on your room's ceiling.

Pastel Blue Paint Colours

Misty Surf

Cloudy neutral Caribbean aqua

Snow Hut

Seaside grey baby blue

Ocean Dream

Aquatic neutral enchanting blue-purple

Blue Horizon

Blue Horizon is a light, pastel, baby blue

Our range of subtle pastel blue colours has a sky-like quality. Discover why shades like Misty Surf and Ocean Dream don't just look like you're bringing the sky inside when they're on your walls but also have a sea blue feel to them. Often suiting bathrooms, Snow Hut looks great with chrome fixtures and fittings.

Muted Blue Paint Colours

Fresh Violet

Midtone muted wisteria blueberry blue-purple

Water Lily

Light muted marine aqua-blue

Flower Field

Saturated muted blueberry blue-purple

Blue Opal

Soft muted wisteria blueberry blue-purple

Muted blue looks great on walls throughout the home. Fresh Violet is a muted, mid-tone blue while Blue Opal offers a soft, blueberry colour with a muted undertone of wisteria. For a saturated muted blue, opt for Flower Field which works well with wood and brick trims.

Search our strong range of blue-grey paint to bring serenity to your room.

Blue Grey Paint Colours


Balanced grey stormy blue

Night Shore

Night Shore is a dark pigeon grey with a touch of violet

Dry Denim

Deep neutral indigo blue with cobalt tints


Soft and cool grey, arctic blue

Like dark blues, blue-grey tones are often best when used sparingly. Symmetry will strike the perfect balance in many bathrooms thanks to its calming yet luxuriant feel. A neutral, indigo-blue, Dry Denim works well when it is set against any silver metal. Meanwhile, Night Shore is a deep grey blue drawn from our palette of outdoor woodcare products.

Blue Green Paint Colours

Teal Topaz

Teal Topaz is a mid, dusky, teal blue

Lagoon Splash

Lagoon Splash is a mid, bright, aquamarine, teal blue

Caribbean Tide

Caribbean Tide is a dark, bright, aqua blue

Jamaican Sea

Gorgeous deep marine aqua-blue

Like other colours in our blue range, Teal Topaz is available as a quick dry gloss paint for metal. Note that Teal Topaz can also be bought as a ceiling and wall paint in silk, soft-sheen and matt finishes.

Looking for something a bit different with your choice of blue-green paint? If so, check out our Caribbean Tide shade. This blue-green is vibrant, fun and unmissable. If you're looking for a similar colour for outdoor woodwork, then Lagoon Splash is the tone for you.

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