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Living room with a green wall

Can’t decide on a colour scheme for your living room? Rather than whitewash your living room walls or play it safe with neutrals, try using the colour green to create a softer, more serene space. 

Green is one of the most powerful colours you can use to transform an interior. With their strong associations with the natural world, green shades have a restorative effect that makes it easier to relax and recharge after an exhausting day. 

Green paint schemes can also be incorporated into any home. Are you someone with a preference for barely-there hues and minimalist details? A cool-toned pale green will work perfectly in a modern living room. Is your living space craving colour? Vibrant green makes a lush and uplifting choice. Meanwhile, there are always pastel green paint colours if you’re in the mood for something softer. 

What Makes Green a Great Choice for a Living Room?

Organic colours like green are always a good option if you need to bring vibrancy to your living room. As they’re inspired by nature, these enchanting hues will bring bags of energy to any interior.

Green is also a rejuvenating colour, making it ideal if you want to feel inspired in your living space. However, light green paint colours can also soothe the soul, creating a more tranquil environment for cosy evenings and lazy weekends.

This colour palette is also versatile. If you’re desperate to bring in biophilic design elements, green living rooms work beautifully alongside furniture made from natural materials. Selecting an accent colour is also simple. Do you plan on using olive green paint to refresh your walls? Try using complementary colours like muted browns and earthy tones.

You can even use green in a more contemporary living space. Try using a dark green paint colour for a feature wall to anchor your room. Then, bring in warm-toned neutrals to create balance and harmony.

Our 10 Favourite Green Living Room Paint Colours

Are you looking for the right colours to realise your green living room ideas? We’re here to help. Below are just a few inspiring shades you might want to try. 

If you can’t decide between cool-toned neutrals or saturated shades, try using something like Aquamarine Dream instead. This aquatic green doesn’t skimp on colour vibrancy, but it is subtle enough that you can use it to paint an entire living room. 

Even a smaller living space can be refreshed with this beautiful billiard green. If you’d like to bring some tonal complexity to your walls, you could try using bottle green or blue-infused hues. Pure white and light grey are also classic companions. 

Both blue and green can promote a feeling of calm, making these cool-toned hues a good idea for living rooms. With Morning Rush, you have a paint shade that combines both colour families. This crystallised green is a fairly light colour, allowing you to use it freely in smaller spaces. 

Try using this shade instead of a neutral. You can bring in more colour by adding a splash of lime or chartreuse. Do you want to bring more organic elements to your living room? Try using a sage green paint colour to add visual interest to recessed spaces. 

Do you dream of the day you can return home to a distraction-free living room? With a colour like Winter Shiver, that day could be sooner than you think. This aqua-green paint colour has an icy quality, but it’s fresh and invigorating. 

You can have plenty of fun creating a stylish colour scheme with this green. Pure whites are ideal if you want to keep your decor scheme as simple as possible. However, pastel blues and greens can also be used if you like the idea of adding softer complementary colours. 

Your living room dimensions might be limited, but that’s no reason to restrict yourself to lifeless neutrals. Cave Pearl is another eye-catching aqua-green that will work wonderfully in smaller living rooms. With its hazy quality and hints of blue, it’s a cool-toned classic. 

Whites will always work nicely alongside this stylish shade, but you can also incorporate blue and greens into your palette. If you’d rather stick with nature-inspired hues, try using apple-green accents.

Even the lightest of green paint colours can refresh a small living room. With an apple-green shade like New Seedling, you can effortlessly transform your space into a relaxing sanctuary. Light and bright, it’ll instantly create the illusion of space. 

Although this paint shade is on the softer side, it’s an unmistakable green that’s guaranteed to bring that calming effect to your interior. If you’re keen on modern decor, try pairing it with soft neutral shades or contemporary greys. 

If you spend many hours a day in your living room, you’ll need a colour scheme that keeps you balanced and feeling relaxed. River Salt is perfect for living rooms that are on the small side, with this turquoise green helping you create a more tranquil space. 

This versatile green might be pale, but it’s a lively hue that can be used to anchor an entire living room palette. Khaki, clover and minty tones can all be used alongside it for a nature-inspired colour scheme. However, even a basic pairing with pure white will prove effective. 

A good green should be versatile enough that it will work with any interior design trend. St. Augustine is a good choice if you’re not quite sure whether you want to go mid-century modern or minimalist with your decorating project. 

Soft and subdued, this minty green can be used as a barely-there backdrop for more eclectic living room interiors. However, it will also enhance natural materials, making it ideal for living rooms furnished with hardwood pieces and Scandi design accents. 

If you're dreaming about a living room you can escape to at the end of the day, you’ll want a colour scheme that’s rich in green and blue. Verdian Green paint colour combines qualities of both, with this muted teal bringing a sense of inner peace and tranquillity. 

As this is a teal, this soft shade is a great choice for contemporary living spaces. Any cool-toned neutral can be used as an accent colour, although you can also punch up your palette with more intense greens. 

A nautical-inspired decor scheme can work well in small living rooms. However, you’ll need the right wall colour to anchor your design to. With Sea Sprite, you have a stylish seafoam green that will instantly capture the coastal energy you’re looking for.

This aqua-green hue is quite rich, but you can still use it freely without worrying it’s going to overwhelm a small space. If you do need to bring balance to your colour scheme, try using green-tinged greys or icy neutral accents.

You don’t need to use saturated shades to make a strong impression in a small living room. If you’re looking for a more restrained green, try using Peppermint Tea . With its ethereal elegance and glowing quality, this emerald green makes for an effortlessly stylish backdrop. 

Even if your living space is very limited, this muted emerald can still be an effective choice. Try using it alongside a cool-toned neutral to create balance. You can also use it as an accent colour if you’re considering a feature wall. 

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