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Choosing the right paint

Tips & Advice

Often when starting a paint job, people tend to decide on their preferred colour choice first, but choosing the right paint type can be just as important to give you those additional short and long term benefits.
The type of paint you will need mainly depends on the paint project taking place. Are you painting a room in your house and if so what room? Are you looking to upcycle a piece of furniture? Or are you wanting to give your skirting boards a bit of TLC?
The answer to these questions will determine the ideal paint type that should be used. 

1. What paint project are you planning?

1. What paint project are you planning?

You will find a range of Johnstone’s paint types suited to each of the below jobs / applications, so once you know the project you are working on it’s a good starting point to narrow down to the correct paint collection.

2. Do you know what colour you would like?

2. Do you know what colour you would like?

Secondly, colour plays a big part in the decision process, not every interior paint or exterior paint colour is available in every product therefore make sure to check the colour availability of your paint type. Colour can vary once dried and different lights can also make a difference, therefore we recommend purchasing a tester pot and testing the colour in your room or on the surface you wish to paint.
For further advice or inspiration on colour, view our helpful colour tools.

3. Do you have a preferred surface finish?

Depending on the paint type there are a variety of different finishes (sheen levels) available, the term sheen level refers to the glossiness of the paint finish. Colours can differ in appearance based on their sheen level. You can identify the sheen level for every Johnstone’s Wall Emulsion or Wood and Metal paint using this numerical scale.

(1 = Low Sheen Level   10 = High Sheen Level)

2 = Wall & Ceiling Paint Matt, Feature Wall Matt, Kitchen, Washable, One Coat
4 = Wall & Ceiling Paint Soft Sheen, Feature Wall Soft Sheen, Bathroom
5 = Quick Dry Satin, Eggshell
6 = Wall & Ceiling Paint Silk
9 = Quick Dry Gloss
10 = Non Drip Gloss, Liquid Gloss

Matt emulsion provides a smooth, rich and non-reflective finish, perfect for a contemporary look that hides surface imperfections.
Silk emulsion is an attractive high sheen paint with light reflecting properties, making it the ideal choice if you want to make a room look bigger.
Soft Sheen Emulsion is a more contemporary and subtle finish to silk, great for walls and ceilings where a satin finish is required.

4. Consider the performance or application benefits that are important to you?

Once you have considered step 1-3 you are likely to have narrowed your paint options down. In order to make your final choice it may help to review the benefits that the paint provides. The colour and finish you have selected may be available in two paint types, for example Wall & Ceiling Matt Paint and Washable Matt, of which each provide different benefits, 

Washable Matt is a highly tough and durable paint which resists stains and marks more so than Wall & Ceiling Matt, therefore depending on the project you are working on (take a children’s bedroom or dining room) it may be beneficial to opt for Washable.

We hope this guide will help your decision process in choosing the right paint for you and your project. 

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