Garage Floor


0.25L, 0.75L, 2.5L

Coverage (per litre)

11 m²

Dry Time

14-16 Hours

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Professional Painter

Product Details

Garage Floor Paint is ideal for the renovation of garage floors. Paint for Garage Floors is suitable for use on all concrete floors as well as being ideal for the renovation of properly prepared tiles, brickwork, wood, cement and stone surfaces.


  • long lasting finish
  • Withstands repeated cleaning
  • Resists oil and grease spills
The experts at Johnstone’s know that the key to a perfect finish is in the preparation so take your time now, follow the simple steps below and you will be rewarded with a gorgeous new look. Start by making sure all surfaces to be painted are clean, dry and free from grease and loose or flaking material. Any existing crazed or flaking paint should be removed. New concrete or cement should be allowed to mature for several months before painting. Remove any laitance.
Now you are at the stage where you are ready to begin painting so give the paint a thorough stir. For the best results apply using a brush or roller which is fully loaded. Apply evenly and avoid overspreading. Apply two coats – allow overnight drying between coats under normal conditions. On very porous surfaces, the first coat should be thinned with up to 5% of white spirit. When using more than one tin of a colour in the same area, intermix before use
Once you have completed all your painting make sure you remove as much product as possible from your brush and then clean immediately using White Spirit or Turpentine Substitute