Feature Wall Metallic Paint





Coverage (per litre)

15 m²

Dry Time

1-2 Hours

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Product Details

Feature Wall Metallic paint offers a range of sophisticated metallic colours designed to help you achieve stunning feature walls with a difference. Use it creatively to apply unique shapes or stripes as an accent feature or apply as an overall metallic effect finish to your walls.


  • Range of sophisticated metallic colours
  • Achieve stunning feature walls
  • Modern metallic finish effect
Ensure all surfaces to be painted should be clean, dry and free from grease. Remove any loose or flaking paint. Any glossy surfaces should be rubbed with fine waterproof abrasive paper and rinsed thoroughly to provide a key. Avoid the inhalation of dust - wear a suitable face mask if dry sanding.
Ensure good ventilation during application and drying. Stir paint thoroughly before use to ensure all metallic particles are mixed. Apply a base coat of a similar colour wall paint prior to applying the metallic finish. This is recommended when painting over strongly contrasting colours. To achieve the best results use a fine pile roller and apply the paint in multi-directional strokes. Do not overload the roller and avoid overspreading. A minimum of two coats are recommended. If a more textured effect is desired, drag a paint brush across the wet paint in a random pattern.
Remove as much product as possible from brushes and rollers before cleaning. Clean all equipment immediately after use in warm soapy water and rinse thoroughly.