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Living room painted in a pale blue

If you thought a blue colour palette could only be used in the bedroom, think again. One of the most popular colours in interior design, blue is perfect for refreshing your living spaces. 

Keen to replicate that soothing and welcoming feel of an all-blue sleep sanctuary in your living spaces? Try painting your living room wall in a calming shade of pastel blue. Blue living rooms are also incredibly versatile, with this timeless colour family coordinating beautifully with all manner of interior design trends.

However, you don’t need to stick to light blue shades and cool neutrals when refreshing your living space. For a more dramatic design makeover, reach for dark blues to create bold room accents. 

Whether you’ve selected a barely-there blue or a moody navy, these serene shades will provide you with a brilliant backdrop for just about any style of furniture and decor.

What Makes Blue a Great Choice for a Living Room?

Blue is often used in living rooms for the same reason it’s such a popular choice for bedroom makeovers. Its calming vibes will instantly transform your space into somewhere you can relax. 

Lighter hues can have a purifying effect in smaller spaces, while green-blue tones will bring vibrancy to your living room. Do you prefer period design features? A traditional duck egg blue paint colour will bring balance to your space and help you clear your head at the end of the day. 

This colour family can also chime with contemporary interiors. Blue-grey hues are perfect if you’re looking for a cool-toned wall colour for a modern living space. Thanks to their versatility, blue paint colours will also mingle beautifully with a huge range of accent colours. 

Our 10 Favourite Blue Living Room Paint Colours

Have you been chewing over blue living room ideas? Whether you’re in the mood for pastels or dark blue paint colours, you’ll find a huge variety of shades in our range. 

Mulling over blue paint ideas for a smaller living room? Try using a pale blue like Elevenses. Pure and illuminating, this stunning shade will add vibrancy to your living room, without engulfing your interiors with too much colour. 

This is a fairly light-toned blue, so don’t hold back when painting your living room walls. Do you like the idea of introducing multiple shades to your living room? Contemporary grey-blues or eye-catching aquamarines can be used for a tonal transformation. 

If pastel blue paint ideas are a little light for your tastes, try a shade like Sweet Illusion instead. This enchanting hue has hints of wisteria and blueberry, making it an understated choice for living spaces. 

For a more serene living room, stick to soft neutrals and toned-down accent colours when decorating the rest of your space. If you want to add a richer hue to your room palette, purple-infused blues are a good choice for feature walls. 

You don’t have to limit your palette to barely-there blues in small living rooms and contemporary interiors. If you’re after a more awe-inspiring blue to anchor your living space, try decorating with Wing Commander. 

This dark grey orchid blue is a rich and enticing choice. It can be used alongside more intense neutrals like chalkboard grey in modern spaces. However, you can also try using it in moderation in a smaller space. Use it to create a sophisticated feature wall, before turning to paler blues and icy shades of grey to tackle the rest of your space. 

If your current living room falls far short of tranquil, it’s time to explore the world of aqua-blue paint colours. River Flow is a magical marine blue that will bring some cyan-infused style to your living spaces. 

Although this blue is a vibrant choice, it’s light enough that you can paint every vertical surface with it. For a more interesting living room colour scheme, try adding shaded blues or on-trend turquoise to your palette. 

Even the most contemporary living room can benefit from an all-blue colour scheme. With its beautiful balance of grey and blue tones, Frozen Steel is a stylish choice for more modern lounges and reception rooms. 

This chilly grey is enriched with cool grey tones, making it perfect for on-trend decor schemes. You can get to work painting an entire space with this stylish shade. For more tonal variety, try incorporating a more intense blue or cloudy grey. 

The best living room colour schemes should have a welcoming effect, instantly putting you at ease. With Simply Elegant, you’ll be able to bring the beauty of baby blue to your living space.

This beautiful blue shade is soft and elegant, making it a suitable choice for any living room. There’s also a hint of indigo here, which you can easily accentuate by adding a more intense blue to your room palette.

If your living room often looks dark and dreary, it’s best to use a lighter colour to brighten things up. Don’t like the idea of using everyday neutral tones? Try a pale muted blue like Morning Skyline instead. 

Even if you’re using this blue as a solitary shade, you’ll still be able to brighten up your living room and give the illusion of space. This subtle shade pairs well with simple pieces of furniture and natural materials, but you can also make an impact with modern colour pairings like light pink, beige, or brown paint colours.

Are you considering a slightly darker blue for your living room? Although Blue Bows is a relatively soft and subdued colour, there’s a definite hint of indigo that makes this an inspired choice. 

In a larger living room arrangement, this blue paint colour can be used generously. If you want to use it in a more compact room, try bringing in one or two accent colours to create balance. Classic pairings like cool-toned neutral paint colours will work particularly well.  

If you’re ready to say goodbye to a living room full of clutter and distractions, you’ll want a dreamy blue paint colour to serve as the perfect backdrop. Calm Voyage is a mid-tone orchid blue that’s both radiant and refined. 

While this enchanting blue makes an instant impression, it’s still subtle enough that it won’t inundate your space with too much colour. What’s more, some low-key violet tints make it a delightfully deep addition to any palette. 

There’s no reason to restrict yourself to harmonious neutrals when decorating a smaller living room. Are you over off-whites? Try using a light and pure crystal blue like Blue Booties instead. 

A coat or two of this lustrous blue will bring that soothing energy your living room needs. Planning a makeover of a pint-sized living space? Use this gorgeous blue as a feature colour, then reach for paler shades to tackle the rest of your surfaces.

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