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Kitchen painted with a soft red paint colour

Red paint colours make an instant impression in any room. In the kitchen, red is a bold design statement that will bring passion and intensity to your cooking space. 

Whether you’re looking for a muted neutral with flecks of red or a fiery crimson, it’s easy to turn up the heat in the kitchen with the right colour choices. Painting just one of your interior walls with a red hue can have a massive impact. 

A red colour palette may seem a bit extreme if you’ve only ever dabbled with neutrals before. However, don’t let inexperience keep your brush from red tones. Red shades can work with a variety of kitchen aesthetics, no matter whether your favoured style is modern industrial or you prefer a more traditional take. 

Are you looking for muted red for an understated kitchen makeover? Perhaps you’re searching for a sophisticated scarlet for a refined kitchen diner design project. You’ll find a huge selection of suitable options in our range of quality paint colours. 

Interested in adding some red to your roller but don't; want to overdo it? You’ll find plenty of subdued reds in our range, allowing you to bring this fiery colour family to your kitchens without hesitation. With its floral influences and dusty quality, Strawfeller is a terrific choice of red that’s ideal for adding some subtle spice to your kitchen. 

This muted red works well with cosmetic hues and dusky palettes. If you like the idea of a contemporary cooking space, try pairing it with dusty pinks or blush tones. Even natural materials will pair nicely with this eye-catching shade, especially classic kitchen staples like solid oak and black marble. 

Sold on the idea of red, but don’t want to be too adventurous your first time out? Shangri La makes a fine introduction to this colourful collection of passionate paint colours. Light and easygoing, this shaded dusty red is enriched with just a hint of push. 

Playful yet sophisticated, it’s a beautiful choice for more modern kitchens and grown-up spaces. \You can pair it with muted salmons, toffee-infused tones and even wine shades. Perfect for adding some warmth to a north-facing kitchen. 

Often, all you need is a simple red shade to reinvigorate an interior. In the kitchen, a subtle red hue is more than enough to bring brand-new energy to your cooking space. If you need some help deciding on the right red, why not put Radiant Rouge through its paces?

There are plenty of pink and purple notes here, making it a surprisingly deep colour. You can use it alongside smoky grey paint colours and sophisticated jewel tones for designer-level aesthetics, or stick to a simple pairing of red and white. 

Now let’s move on to one of the more refined reds in our range. This stylish paint colour is a saturated take on spiced crimson and can serve as a contemporary alternative to traditional hues like terracotta. 

Perfect for modern kitchens with minimalist furniture, high ceilings and stainless steel appliances, this must-try red also looks at home in a more traditional space. No matter what design era inspires you, this luxurious red is ideal for creating a sophisticated backdrop for your cooking space. 

While every red turns up the heat in a kitchen, not every shade has to be scorching. Tawny Mushroom is an earthier take on the fiery side of the colour wheel, leaving you with a very warm neutral that’s rich in rusty character. 

What’s more, blush undertones mean you can use sophisticated jewel tones to create a captivating colour scheme for your kitchen. All of these elements work particularly well with stainless steel and contemporary design accents, making this red a great pick for a more modern kitchen.

Searching for a sophisticated red paint colour for a more grown-up kitchen? Take note of Burnished Leaf, a refined red that takes its colour profile inspirations from a full-bodied Merlot. 

Just like the wine that inspires it, this hue is enriched with an oaky tint, while a deeply intense pigment makes it perfect for turning a sparse cooking space into a more intimate environment. Perfect For smaller spaces that are missing something you can’t put your finger on, this elegant red can also be used to help you achieve the right atmosphere for entertaining in a sprawling kitchen diner. 

If you prefer more subdued shades to intense reds, why not have a look at what Floral Tapestry can do for you? This midtone red is one of the more reserved reds in our range, but a lot is going on beneath the surface thanks to a generous dose of pink undertones. 

You can easily create a compelling kitchen colour scheme with this paint colour. Almost any shaded red or spiced crimson will work well alongside this hue, while jewel tones and vibrant pinks can be brought in for a more playful colour scheme. On its own, this red is pretty understated, meaning it will work well in any space with any style of cabinetry. 

Are you in the market for something mellow? If it’s a low-key red for kitchen makeovers you’re searching for, Desert Squall should suit your requirements nicely. A neutral take on spiced red, just a small amount of this shade will deliver plenty of warmth to your kitchen colour scheme. 

You can pair it with wine-inspired hues for a sophisticated finish or use intense salmons and saturated raspberry hues. In other words, while it might be unassuming on its own, this red paint colour has no problems making friends with other hues from the colour wheel. 

Red colours can be stimulating, but they can also soothe. If you’re interested in the latter kind of red, Sunday Morning might be the answer. This saturated shaded red has a gorgeous rusty character, while it’s subtle enough that it won’t overwhelm you as you try to stir to life in the morning. 

Use it as a primary colour to transform your kitchen if it has a lot of square footage and needs pulling together. Need something more muted to work alongside it? Whites and warm neutrals are a good option, but a dash of grey can also work wonderfully with a shaded red like this one. 

Are you liking the idea of using rusty red in the kitchen? Well here’s another one from our range that’s worth getting excited about. This saturated hue might be rich, but it’s incredibly versatile. It’s another understated wall colour that will welcome you into your cooking space, rather than overload the senses. 

If you’re worried about filling your walls with too much red, pair it with a more muted shade or bring in a warm neutral. You can then use this saturated red for a feature wall. Are you worried it might clash with your cabinet styles and decor choices? Don’t be. This rusty red works equally well with vintage kitchens and contemporary cooking spaces. 

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