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Kitchen painted with a soft pink paint colour

Pink paint colours are becoming an increasingly common interior design trend. There’s a longstanding pink bathroom trend, while the colour pink is no stranger to bedroom makeovers. However, pink wall paint is now being used more and more to overhaul the aesthetics of a kitchen. 

Some vibrant pinks may take a little time to get used to, but you can easily achieve the perfect balance by choosing the right shades for your kitchen walls. You can experiment with various shades for understated tonal decorating, or use dusky pink paint for a more grown-up finish. 

Pink brings warmth and playfulness to a kitchen, but it’s also surprisingly agreeable. It should. Light pinks can work remarkably well with white kitchen cabinets and black counters, while more saturated hues will provide a stunning backdrop for more contemporary fittings. 

Adding other colours to a pink decor scheme is also easy. Classic monochromes always work well, while jewel tones are something to consider if you’re using dusty pink hues.

One of our most enchanting pink paints, Pastel Paper is a premium choice for your interior walls that will enhance any kitchen. With its soft sheen and delicate balance of taupe and pink, this refreshing orange is a contemporary marvel. 

Use it to decorate a compact kitchen that could do with lightening up, or turn to it to create designated zones in an open-plan interior. It’s incredibly subtle, so you’re not limited to the usual complementary colours when putting together a colour scheme. You can keep it subtle with soft hues or make a statement with darker tones. 

If you’re thinking about a pink paint colour with a more feminine flavour, we have plenty of suitable options in our range. Pressed Petal is a particular favourite, with this gorgeous take on coral pink enriched with some sweet raspberry undertones. 

Although it’s rich and luxurious, this soft pink never overwhelms, making it an ideal choice for smaller spaces and compact kitchens. It also veers close to a blush colour, so will work well alongside other hues from that family. 

Prefer to use something pale to paint your walls? You can still get creative with coral, without having to overwhelm the walls of a small kitchen. Rockabye Baby is a brilliant choice for those tiny cooking spaces that need some feminine energy. 

Hints of raspberry give this delicate pink plenty of personality and added warmth. You can use it as an all-wall shade to paint an entire space or use it alongside other pink tones and warm neutrals for a subtle approach to tonal decorating. 

This shaded sandy pink keeps things simple. It’s pale and easy on the eye, making it a superb choice if you know you want to decorate with pink but haven’t given much thought to the exact shade yet. 

While it’s technically pink, it’s one of the coolest pink tones in our range. You can use it interchangeably with many cool-toned colours, such as grey or icy blue, or alongside other pinks and soft purples for a decor scheme that’s bound to raise temperatures. 

Looking to spice up those kitchens? With Mesa Pink, you have exactly the kind of paint colour you need to revitalise your cooking space. This midtone pink might be subdued, but it’s rich and enticing, making it perfect for kitchens that require some personality. 

As it’s quite saturated, you can use it as a single colour to paint kitchen walls, balancing things out with an off-white ceiling paint and accent colour. Its richer notes also make it a good pair with interior wood, such as oak or treated pine. However, it also shines alongside contemporary design accents, such as high-gloss counters and stainless steel finishes.

Have you always dreamt of a glorious kitchen decked out in dusty pink hues? With Ballet Slipper, you can start making those long-held dreams a reality. This mid-mauve pink has an unmistakable dusty quality that elevates it into the luxurious category. 

Add to the drama with sophisticated room accents and premium accessories, or turn to secondary colours to reinforce the refined aesthetic you’re looking for. A blush pink paint will work wonders as an accent, while low-key metallics will also make a welcome addition to your cooking space.  

Even a tiny kitchen can benefit from the introduction of a pop of colour. An intense shade like Pink Clay Pot might seem a bit overwhelming for a compact kitchen, but this toffee apple red is just the thing a quaint kitchen is calling out for. 

Use it as a feature wall colour to draw the eye and create the illusion of space and zones. You can offset it with a warm neutral, or balance things out with a two-tone wall effect. Subtle chocolates, oaky reds and warm off-whites all work well with this pink. 

If you’re keen on the idea of using coral to decorate your kitchen, a hue like Apple Cheek may interest you. This bright take on classic coral is enriched with delicate dashes of raspberry, with a glorious tone that’s reminiscent of mouth-watering ice cream and watermelon slices. 

If your kitchen is big enough, it should have no trouble accepting this pink paint colour as an all-wall covering. However, even those smaller cooking spaces can be reimagined with this beautiful hue. Just remember to balance out your interior walls with an off-white or warm neutral. 

A salmon pink is always worth considering when decorating rooms like the kitchen. Warm and mood-enhancing, it can create a dream backdrop for cooking up a storm and entertaining dinner guests. If you’re thinking about getting creative with salmon pink, try our Riviera Rose paint colour. 

This muted shade combines the qualities of pink and orange, with a brick-red undertone that makes it surprisingly intense. It works superbly on its own, but also makes a fine pairing with subdued pinks, majestic mauve and wine-coloured hues. 

It wouldn’t be right to bring this shortlist to an end without mentioning at least one paint colour inspired by the botanical world. Jaquar Rose is a gorgeous pick of paint colour, combining the same delicate hues you’d find growing on the reel thing and a more intense undertone of red. 

Eye-pleasing and stimulating, this colour is an arresting choice for small kitchens that are desperate for a personality of their own. Although it’s rich, it has a lot of depth to it, meaning it should pair equally well with traditional united and more modern cabinetry and accessories.  

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