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Kitchen painted in a warm brown shade

Is your kitchen in need of a stylish new colour scheme? Instead of going with an off-white or muted grey, why not discover the many benefits of brown paint instead? An earthy palette rich in browns will add a warm energy to your space and create a soothing atmosphere. Perfect if your kitchen doubles up as an informal dining space or it’s the room you tend to entertain guests in. 

You might wince at the idea of brown walls, but when it comes to actual paint options, there’s a huge amount of variety. From light tans like classic beige to saturated takes on taupe, brown paint colours come in many different flavours. 

Use a single shade to overhaul your kitchen interiors or bring together a host of different hues for a brilliant brown tonal palette. Still not sold on the idea of a brown kitchen? At Johnstone’s, we stock an unbeatable selection of brown paint colours that will make you think twice. 

If you’re not ready for a darker brown, try Almond Brittle instead. Soft and subdued, this beautiful bronzed caramel is an easygoing shade that will work perfectly in any kitchen. 

Use it for a beautiful backdrop for traditional kitchen units or for enhancing a contemporary cooking space furnished with minimalist fixtures. Keen to bring in more colour? This irresistible brown works beautifully with cool grey, sage green and dark neutrals. 

If your kitchen interior needs a jumpstart in the design department, try a cappuccino beige shade like Tomcat. An instant eye-catcher, this sophisticated hue boasts a beautiful coconut coir tint. 

It’s a gorgeous grown-up shade that will look right at home in any contemporary kitchen. However, its earthy undertones mean you’ll have no trouble coordinating it with classic kitchen units and furnishings. 

If you favour a more subdued palette and paint colours inspired by the natural world, Kangaroo is worth taking a second look at. A stylish base for any kitchen colour palette, this neutral mid-tone beige paint colour is enriched with subtle coconut coir undertones. 

Warm and inviting, you can enhance the soothing quality of this paint shade by pairing it with subdued colours. Use sage green and almond yellows to add to your palette, or create a more striking scheme by bringing in dark violets and grey-infused purples. 

If you’re on the hunt for a subtle and sophisticated colour that will work in any kitchen, why not give Rapid Rock a try? This greyish beige has an enchanting earthy quality with a hint of dusty pink adding to its elegance. 

No matter whether you’re a traditionalist who favours shaker-style cabinets and classic details or you’re a fan of modern minimalism, it’s easy to anchor a kitchen decor scheme around this eye-catching colour. Build your palette with other subdued neutrals or embrace richer hues like oaky reds and brown sugar. 

Deep subdued tree bark beige. Saturated but subtle, it’s a good choice if your kitchen is on the small side, but you don’t want to limit your design options to whitewashed walls. 

Goes well with everything from off-white cabinets with classic details, to ultra-modern kitchen installations with a stripped-back aesthetic. 

Works well with grey, but also pairs nicely with citrus hues, mustard yellows, greens, and more. 

If you’re not afraid of a more intense colour in the kitchen, Derby Brown could be a dream choice. This deep neutral beige is enriched with a hint of fiery ginger, making it a particularly welcoming shade that works wonderfully in the kitchen. 

Perfect for creating the right atmosphere for late-night dinner parties and impromptu get-togethers with friends, you can enhance this premium brown by experimenting with under-the-counter lighting and organic design accents. 

Struggling to find the right starting point for your kitchen redesign? A rich and earthy beige like Petaluma Dust makes it easy to build a premium palette packed with sophisticated shades. 

This dusty cappuccino beige is enriched with a hint of coconut coir, making it particularly easy on the eye. Impressive enough that it can stand up well on its own, this beige also pairs effortlessly with almond yellows and caramel hues. If you want to move away from browns, play around with mossy hues, subtle sages and olive greens. 

Which Colours Pair Best with Brown in a Kitchen?

Because brown is such a versatile colour, you shouldn’t encounter too many problems when putting together a stunning palette for your kitchen. However, don’t assume you can use the same complementary colours you picked out for a brown bathroom. While cool hues like one of our grey paint colours might have worked well there, you’ll want to entertain a more varied cocktail of colours in the kitchen. 

Adding a touch of orange to your brush is always a great idea if you’re looking to add some fiery edge to a kitchen redesign. For example, dark brown walls can be enhanced with a hint of burnt orange. If you don’t want to experiment with two-tone motifs or feature walls, a citrus-coloured backsplash is a good compromise. 

One of the reasons why brown paint colours are so inviting and soothing is that they remind us of nature. Therefore, it makes sense to look elsewhere in the natural world for some colour inspiration. Green might seem like an obvious pairing with green, but there’s a reason why these colour families work so effortlessly together. If you’re using a subtle beige, try pairing it with a muted aloe or low-key sage green. 

For a more sophisticated kitchen interior, look to wine-inspired colours. Burgundy and Merlot both look superb alongside richer browns, helping create a more welcoming atmosphere. They’re ideal for adding some intimacy to larger kitchens but can be used just as effectively in smaller spaces. For a more playful approach, think about pairing brown walls with a hint of pink. Dusty shades work well with lighter browns like taupe and can form the basis of a classic jewel-toned colour scheme. 

Finally, don’t forget about ways you can incorporate brown into your kitchen. Rather than overcomplicate your walls with another paint colour, think about material choices instead. Are you considering replacing a granite countertop? A counter made from a solid wood variety like oak will make a sympathetic addition to your kitchen, while subtly bringing in another layer of brown.

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