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Modern kitchen painted with a pale blue paint colour

Blue paint might not have been your first pick when considering the perfect colour for your kitchen, but these soothing shades can be an inspired choice for making over your cooking space. 

Just like in a blue bathroom, cool tones like sky blue and sapphire have a cleansing effect in the kitchen. Perfect if you like to keep things simple and need a more harmonious environment for preparing meals and unwinding in the evening. 

However, you’re not just limited to pale shades. If you favour a more modern style of decorating, an intense navy or indigo can be used alongside stainless steel appliances and designer cabinetry. In a more traditional room, blue shades like periwinkle are perfect. 

Building a palette with a blue base is also straightforward. Ever dependable white can be used if you’re okay with keeping things simple, but don’t be afraid to switch it up with grey, green, or a more contemporary hue like greige

The right shade of light blue can transform a kitchen into a place you’ll love to unwind and socialise in. In fact, cooking will become a pleasure, rather than a chore. Cold Shoulder is one of our favourite neutrals, with this majestic shade combining elements of blue and moody purple into one irresistible package. 

You can use it in a contemporary kitchen to great effect, with the icy undertones of this light blue paint colour pairing well with stainless steel and black granite. However, it also makes a welcome addition to kitchens equipped with original oak cabinetry and other traditional accents. 

A more subdued neutral blue is a good idea if you’re looking to bring a sense of calm to your kitchen. If a rowdy family turns your cooking space into a maelstrom in the morning, a low-key blue might be something to consider for those kitchen walls. 

With hints of grey and plenty of periwinkle, this timeless neutral will work with almost any kitchen decor scheme. It’s subtle enough that it will work beautifully with all-white cabinetry, although more modern installations will also shine alongside this pale blue hue. 

Looking for more light blues to brighten up a kitchen? Touch Of Blue will do just that, with this light crystal blue hue being particularly effective at clearing your mind and lifting your mood. 

It’s enriched with a subtle hint of dark blue, evoking the feeling of the night sky. You can accentuate this with navy or near-black accents elsewhere in your kitchen. As a matter of fact, this stunning paint colour works incredibly well with other blue shades if tonal decor schemes are something you’re interested in. 

Is your kitchen missing a great view? Why not let your wall colour take charge of inspiring you instead? Ocean Fog is bright and breezy, summoning up images of blue waters and crashing waves. 

Whether your kitchen is modern with high ceilings, minimalist units and furniture, or you’ve opted for a more traditional take and want to welcome some nautical elements, this colour will serve as a superb backdrop. Need the ideal accent? Classic white, neutral hues and tried and twisted grey are all good options. 

If you prefer a moodier palette in every room, you’ll want to dispense with the usual pastels and light blues when it comes to tackling your kitchen decorating project. Even a small kitchen can benefit from a brave choice of colour, so give Winter Waltz a dry when it comes to reimaging your cooking space. 

Elegant and soft, this sapphire blue shade doesn’t overload the senses, but doesn’t disappoint when it comes to depth and pigment either. There’s an almost smoky quality about this blue tone, which makes it a good pairing with all manner of grey shades

Are you a keen devotee of traditional decor schemes and blooming blues inspired by flower beds and bouquets? For some reason, we think you’re going to love Sweet Illusion. Pure and pale, this gorgeous paint colour combines the qualities of ripe blueberry and budding wisteria. Perfect for bringing the spirit of springtime to your kitchen. 

As with most floral-inspired colours, you’ll find this blue will work wonders in a traditional kitchen with country-style cabinetry and freestanding units. However, if you’re a lover of all things modern but find yourself drawn to this beautiful blue, don’t be afraid to experiment with it. It’s a low-key choice, making it a subtle addition to any contemporary colour scheme. 

Not worried about turning up the temperature in your kitchen with colour choices? If natural light isn’t a problem in your cooking space, you’re free to play around with all manner of blue shades. A light neutral like Cold Shoulder is a stunning addition to any kitchen, combining majestic blue notes with more than a dash of purple. 

Versatile like any good neutral, this icy blue pairs well with its best friends white and grey. What’s more, it’s so subtle that you can introduce a whole host of breezy blues and sapphire shades to your kitchen interior. 

Ready to make a bold statement? If pale blues and pared-back periwinkles aren’t doing it for you, it’s time to let yourself engage with indigo. Forest River is an eye-catching colour choice for a kitchen but can be used for great effect in any space. 

With its smoky edge, this shaded take in indigo blue isn’t as overwhelming as you might think, making it a workable colour choice in a smaller kitchen. There are also some hits of cobalt to be enjoyed here, giving any kitchen wall depth and drama.

Thinking about a more vibrant redesign of your cooking space? Just because you’re using blue, doesn’t mean you can’t inject a great deal of energy into your kitchen. With Tropical Holiday, you’ll get a modern backdrop for a contemporary kitchen, with a rich shade that’s full of life and energy. 

This jewelled teal shade works well with stainless steel and modern kitchen cabinetry. However, it will also pair well with honeyed oak counters and traditional wooden units. Need an effortless accent colour to bring your kitchen colour scheme together? If another shade of blue or smoky green doesn’t take your fancy, there’s always classic white. 

If you like the idea of a daring colour scheme populated with darker colours, we have many magnificent options for you to consider. Wing Commander is a different breed than many of our other blues, but this intense hue is well worth taking a chance on. 

With a dramatic backbone of dark grey, this rich indigo makes an instant impression. You can use it in any sized kitchen, with the moody hues helping make a sparse space feel more intimate and an awkward layout more defined. Accent with brass hardware, marble counters and only the finest kitchen accessories to make your space shine. 

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