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Yellow dining room painted with a muted hue

You’ve probably thought about using a splash of bright yellow in the kitchen before, but have you ever considered using this sunny shade to paint your dining room walls? Yellow isn’t an obvious choice for dining spaces, but this vibrant colour family can transform the space in which you eat and entertain.

Before you dismiss the idea of a yellow dining room, remember that you’re not only dealing with a curd-coloured palette. Instead, you have a near-endless selection of pale pastels, uplifting beiges and golden hues to choose from. 

Even the most dramatic canary yellow can be used in moderation, while a citrine feature wall can add some grandeur to a dining room feature wall. Whether you’re using it as an accent or going all in with yellow tones, there’s no reason to be afraid of this sun-kissed colour family. 

To help you navigate decorating with these intense hues, we’ve chosen some of our favourite yellow paint colours for you to think about.

Just because you’re not a fan of zesty lemon, doesn’t mean you can’t welcome yellow hues into your dining space. New Linen is a low-key colour choice that combines understated citrus notes with a dash of spiced mustard for a wall colour that will enhance your space, rather than saturate it. 

With its satin finish and lighter tone, this paint colour will brighten up any dining room. However, it still leaves you with plenty of scope for making more dynamic design choices elsewhere. The occasional pop of neon yellow won’t look out of place, while brown-infused mustard tones will add depth to yourF dining room decor.  

A pale yellow can be the perfect palette choice for smaller dining spaces. Capri Cream fits that criteria nicely, with only a hint of sunflower ensuring this paint colour isn’t going to overwhelm your room. 

Understated and very versatile, this paint colour can be put to use in almost any dining room. It will look right at home in a more contemporary space, but you can also incorporate it into more traditional decor schemes. As it’s a lighter yellow, it’s also worth bringing in more dramatic yellow tones to add complexity. 

Looking for some yellow inspiration to transform your dining room into a dazzling space for entertaining? Vanilla Dream is a refreshing take on yellow, bringing together citrus hues with more grounded notes of mustard.

It’s a beautiful alternative to off-white, while it boasts the same degree of versatility as any good neutral. Pair it with more vibrant shades to illuminate your dining room interior, or go with earthy accents for a more refined aesthetic. 

The best yellow dining room ideas tend to incorporate at least one pale shade. Whether you’re trying to single out an all-wall hue or find an enchanting accent colour, Pita Bread should fit the bill. 

It might be muted, but this sun-soaked yellow doesn’t disappoint. What’s more, it boasts a hint of pink, giving you another route when accenting your space with secondary colours and soft furnishings. Go with tried and tested dark woods and grey furnishings, or add even more vibrancy to your dining room with honeyed hues and zesty citrus tones. 

A subdued camo yellow is a good colour choice for a modern dining room. You can try this out for yourself with Bold As Brass, a quintessential yellow that’s enriched with a subtle olive tint. 

Although it’s more saturated than some yellow tones, it’s not an overwhelming choice. You can work it into contemporary rooms, mid-century modern interiors, and more traditional dining spaces. It will also work beautifully with almond-infused shades while pairing it with classic accents like off-white is another good option. 

Even if you’ve sworn off the idea of yellow walls, Soft Buttercup is guaranteed to give you pause for thought. This golden butter yellow will bring some sunshine to any dining space. Although it’s bold and bright, it won’t saturate your dining room with too much colour. 

Because it’s a pared-back hue, you can easily incorporate complementary shades such as grey paint colours into your dining room decor. If you want to make more of an impact with your design choices, think about using more dramatic shades like aubergine or navy instead. 

This paint colour is as irresistible as it sounds. Combining notes of sun-kissed citrus with grounded mustard yellow, Lavender Honey is a gorgeous alternative to tans and beige colours. Perfect for bringing balance to a dining room, it will look equally at home alongside contemporary furniture and traditional decor. 

If you’re completely overhauling your dining room, you have several options available. Stick to simple decor schemes with white accents and a round dining table, or experiment with other sun-kissed tones and premium hardwoods like teak and walnut. 

Pastel yellow paint colours remain an enduringly popular choice for a good reason. Ideal for traditional spaces and retro-inspired decor schemes, pastel yellows like Lemon Daze are also becoming a go-to option for contemporary interior design. 

You can use this easygoing pastel alongside other yellows for a sunny tonal dining room. If you want to play around with more colour, use it alongside other pastel shades such as lilac and periwinkle. 

When to Choose a Yellow Paint Colour for your Dining Room

If your dining space is on the dark side, yellow shades can be an effective design choice. Dining rooms with north-facing windows tend to receive little natural light, leaving them feeling constantly gloomy. Rather than rearrange your interiors, you can use the warm tones of richer yellows to energise your space, no matter what the sun is doing.

Some people only use their dining rooms occasionally, while others use them throughout the day. If people start gathering around the dining table at the break of dawn, the colour choices of your room can make a big impact on your mood. Nothing will stimulate the senses like enjoying breakfast in a dining room decorated in uplifting yellow hues.

If you are going to use yellow to decorate your dining space, make sure you’re picking the right accent colours. Some shades complement yellow beautifully, while others will only clash with it. Any hue from the blue palette should work nicely alongside yellow walls, while splashes of green and brown will also look great. Even hot pink can prove effective when paired with the right yellow tones. While citrus tones seem like they’d play well together, you need to be careful when using shades of orange alongside yellows. Likewise, reds should also be avoided.

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