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A dining room painted in a sleek black paint colour

Although all-black colour schemes are often dismissed as being too daring, these sultry shades are actually a very effective choice for dining room redesigns. The right shade of black paint can instantly enhance the design credentials of your dining space, bringing contemporary character. Meanwhile, the best hues are enriched with moody undertones that can be turned to for inspiration when adding accent colours to your room. 

If you’re more comfortable with the neutral side of the palette, it can take a while to get used to the idea of painting a dining room black. However, it more than delivers if you want to create a more dramatic interior. 

In a larger dining room, black walls pair beautifully with white ceilings and neutral room accents. In a smaller space, warm-toned blacks can create a sense of intimacy, serving as a superb backdrop for entertaining guests.

If you’re looking for inspiring dining room ideas, using black as your anchor is always a good idea. An intense indigo black like Soothing Sapphire will make an impression in any dining room, while cobalt blue undertones bring some understated elegance to your interior. It’s ideal for those who want to embrace black, but still want to add some complexity to their entertaining space. 

Thanks to those muted cobalt undertones, you can introduce classic accent colours like blue or shades of grey. Subtler shades work best if you’re looking to create a more sophisticated space for hosting guests. 

The right shade of black can turn even the drabbest dining room into a stunning space. With Before Dawn, you have an intense and cool stormy black that’s perfect for a daring redesign of any dining room. 

This beautiful black hue is enriched with moody blue undertones. This means it will work well with icy blue colours, greys and greens. You can even enrich your room palette with an earthy tone or two. Use this stylish black paint colour generously if your dining room is larger than average. Decorating a more compact dining room? Rather than overwhelm your space, use this elegant colour as an accent shade instead. 

With a little imagination, even the coolest black can create a dramatic backdrop for any dining room. High Salute is a standout example of how black can breathe new life into an interior. Its blue undertones bring balance, while also giving you a solid foundation for selecting complementary colours. 

This indigo-infused black is a marvellous choice for a more modern interior. For a contemporary dining space that will make an unforgettable impression, pair it with icy greys or cool whites. 

Are you worried that your dining space doesn’t receive enough natural light for an all-black colour scheme? With a paint shade like Midnight River, you’re free to get creative with a darker palette, regardless of how much sunshine pours into your space during the day. 

A stylish alternative to pure black, this mesmerising hue is infused with a hint of blue inspired by tropical waters. Although it’s a dark choice, you can still use it fairly liberally. It’s perfect for larger dining spaces, but can still make an impression in a smaller room, creating a more intimate interior. 

Ready to start thinking like an interior designer and say goodbye to those whitewashed dining room walls for good? Witchcraft is the colour for you. This cool and stormy black might be a darker hue, but it has a lot of complexity. 

It will prove incredibly effective as a primary hue, but can also be used as a feature colour if you’re slowly inching toward the idea of an all-black space. You can use neutrals or metallics to bring your interior together for a modern, minimalist look. Alternatively, use natural materials and wood tones to bring warmth and organic character. 

Full Black Dining Room vs Black as an Accent Shade

Some find it hard to entertain the idea of an all-black dining room. However, painting every surface of your space in black can make for jaw-dropping results. An all-black scheme can work particularly well in smaller rooms, helping you create a sense of intimacy that’s ideal for dinner parties. Warm black shades are especially effective, with these colours giving you countless options when introducing accents to enrich your space.  

In a larger dining room, using black to coat every surface isn’t always the best approach. While you’ll have more space for incorporating furniture and room accents to contrast and complement your black paint colour of choice, striking the right balance can be tricky. When faced with a design dilemma like this, try using black as an accent colour instead. Use a cool-toned black for an accent wall or something warmer to accentuate architraves, mouldings and skirting boards. If you’re not sold on the idea of a feature wall, you can use black to paint interior doors and window frames for a more low-key approach. 

Whether you’re bringing black in as an accent shade or using it on every wall, make sure you’re thinking carefully about light fixtures. If you use your dining room more in the evening, wall sconces can help set the tone for more intimate get-togethers with friends and family. For something more versatile, go with floor lamps or low-hanging pendant lights. 

Paint Colours that Work Best with Black in a Dining Room

No matter how keen you are on the idea of a dining room decked out in black paint colours, it’s always worth bringing in some additional hues. Fortunately, you’re not short on choice if you’ve decided to paint your walls black. 

Black and white is a tried and tested combination. A monochromatic scheme is one of the most versatile design choices around, lending itself well to dining spaces with period features, as well as more contemporary interiors with modern architectural elements. 

Cool tones are another stylish idea. Blue pairs beautifully with black, while a botanical hue with cool green undertones will also make a welcome addition to your dining area. If you can’t decide between them, use a hybrid of the two with something like teal. 

If you have an eye for contemporary design and eclectic interiors, don’t be afraid to experiment with more daring pairings. Vibrant oranges and sunny yellows work exceptionally well alongside black walls. They’re also versatile in their own right, allowing you to bring in notes of green, blue and more. 

For a more sophisticated dining space, try using earthy colours alongside black walls. Tan is a terrific choice, combining characteristics of both white and brown, making it a versatile colour that’s neither warm nor cool. This gives you the freedom to bring in further hues and more variety to your black-inspired palette. 

When adding furniture to a black dining room, almost anything goes. In a modern space, metallics are a good choice. Glass can also work nicely. Natural materials are another option. However, if you have your heart set on a wooden dining table, take a moment to consider tones. Teak, walnut and wenge are all beautiful materials, but they’re fairly muted and can feel lost in a dark room. Likewise, lighter wood varieties such as bamboo, beach and ash can appear too bright in a black space. Instead, find that happy medium with a honey-toned oak dining set or a reclaimed timber table rich in character. 

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