Wheel Trim



Coverage (per litre)

5 m²

Dry Time

20 Minutes

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Professional Painter

Product Details

Put some spin back into your tired wheel trims with Johnstone’s Revive Wheel Trim Spray Paint. This special formulation offers anti-corrosive protection, plus exceptional scratch resistance and brilliance.


  • Easy to use
  • Anti-corrosive
  • Scratch resistant
The key to the perfect finish is the preparation so follow these simple steps and you will be rewarded with a gorgeous new look. The surface should be thoroughly cleaned, dry and free from contamination such as grease, dust and rust. Smooth surfaces should be lightly abraded with a fine waterproof abrasive paper to provide a key. If covering a previously painted surface, remove any flaking or blistering areas. Again rub down well with a fine waterproof abrasive paper. Use a suitable face mask if dry sanding to avoid the inhalation of dust.
Shake can for 1 minute and test spray on a trial area. Spray at a distance of 25cm with slow horizontal movements. After 1 minute spray the area with vertical movements to apply two thin coats. Wait 20 minutes and then repeat.
Remove as much product as possible from application equipment before cleaning. Clean equipment immediately after use in White Spirit or Turpentine Substitute.