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Johnstone's Revive

Refresh, Reuse & Recycle with Revive!

Fancy refreshing your old furniture or breathe new life into a tired kitchen? Look no further than the Johnstone's Revive range, designed to make upcycling your home & furniture quick, simple and easy!

Upycling is an inenxpensive yet effective way to update your home and make use of existing items of furniture. Whether it's an old piece of wood being repurposed as a shelf, a vintage dressing table being transofrmed into a luxurious new piece, or your kitchen cupboards and tiles having a quick facelift - there's a product suitable for every upcycling project within the Johnstone's Revive range. 

Chalky Furniture Paint

Our range of Chalky Furniture Paints now includes 3 brand new colours; Cloudy Grey, Pink Cadillac and Teal Topaz. 
Whilst upcycling has typically been popularised by the shabby chic look which features pastel shades, we are also seeing a strong emergence of more vibrant and retro jewel tones into furniture trends. With this in mind, we've introduced a pastel pink and a rich teal which will allow you to achieve both looks. Grey continues to be a popular choice, so we've also introduced a deeper shade to complement our bestselling Dusty Morning.
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Cupboard Paint

We know that more people are choosing to spruce up cupboards around their home with a lick of paint rather than investing in whole new installations, and that is where our Revive Cupboard Paint comes into play. With the introduction of four new colours; Cocoa Cream, Deep Blue Gulf, Shadow Slate and Ochre Dreams you can give your cupboards that transformation they so desparately need.  
These new contemporary colours play homage to current key trends and are sure to give any room the design appeal it deserves.
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Tile Paint

Our Revive Tile Paint is now available in the popular colour Pale Grey. By popular demand we have introduced this colour to perfectly co-ordinate with Pale Grey in our Revive Cupboard Paint range. Creating a co-ordinated look throughout the kitchen and bathroom environments is becoming more and more popular in order to create a streamlined, minimalistic design effect and this introduction allows you to achieve exactly that. 
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To view our full range of Revive products and colours including our Metallic Paints and Finishing Waxes please click on the link below.
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