Selecting the Right Paint

Emulsion is the most commonly used term for paint for interior wall and ceiling paint application, there are different types and finishes you need to know about.

Wall & Ceiling Matt
Vinyl matt emulsion gives a matt, non-shiny finish that expertly covers small imperfections on the wall or ceiling. This is the most popular type of paint so is the perfect option if you are new to painting!

Wall & Ceiling Soft Sheen
This emulsion provides a subtle soft-sheen finish and boasts durable properties that ensure it remains in the condition it was intended to for longer. It also benefits from being able to be lightly washed so you can remove unsightly marks.

Wall & Ceiling Silk
Vinyl Silk gives a high sheen finish that is the most durable of all emulsion paints. It is the perfect solution for high traffic areas, such as hallways.

Kitchen Emulsion
This emulsion has been specially formulated to provide protection from grease and marks, spills and splashes cna be easily wiped away.

Bathroom Emulsion
This emulsion has been specially formulated to provide durable protection in areas that experience a lot of moisture and humidity.

Washable Emulsion
This emulsion is higher performing, its increased durability is perfectly developed to use in those higher traffic areas and in childrens bedrooms.

One Coat Emulsion
Enables you to paint the wall areas with full coverage in just one coat, enabling you to get the job finished quicker, saving you time.