Our Speciality range has it covered - literally!

January 2017
Our Speciality range has it covered - literally!
With our new Speciality range we have all the products you need to prepare, transform and problem solve those tricky surfaces. From preparing wood, metal and other surfaces, transforming floors, radiators, doorsteps and even blackboards to tackling those every day problems such as damp and stains, our new range has it covered.

Our Speciality range covers three main key areas:

Prepare your surfaces…
When it comes to painting, preparation is the most important part. It’s not the most interesting or exciting part of the process but it really does help you get the best possible finish from your topcoat. A primer helps the paint stick to the surface but also stops it from cracking and peeling, and turns whatever you're preparing into a smooth, uniform surface that's ready for paint.

To make your life a little bit easier, we have 3 primers that will prime any surface between them so with the Johnstone’s Speciality primers you’ll be able to prepare almost anything for painting. Simply choose the most suitable product for your project.

Transform any space…
Sometimes we have areas or items in our home where regular emulsion paint just simply isn’t enough and we need that little something extra to make them over. Covering everything from traditional wooden beams to garage floors and metal railings, the Transform  products in the Johnstone’s Speciality range provides paint to give the extra special finish.

Problem Solvers. Tackle tricky areas…
There are some walls that can be particularly hard to paint because they’ve developed a tricky spot. After it’s been resolved, a previous damp problem can leave behind an unsightly looking area, and there can be some stains that will take many coats of emulsion paint to cover and still bleed through after leaving for some time. To make sure that these problems are a thing of the past, the Problem Solving products from Johnstone’s Speciality have been specially developed to target these areas.

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